Friday, May 17, 2019

Are You Victoria's Secret Bathing Suit Ready? The 2019 Edition!

Yes, it's stillllllllllllll cold and rainy here in the Northeast. But never fear, ladies. Sunshine and summer are JUST around the corner and we need to be prepared. Victoria never lets us down, does she?!

Did you hear the exciting news? Swimsuits are back! Swimsuits are back at Victoria's Secret! So put down that Land's End catalog. Throw that sensible full coverage tankini in the trash. Step out of that muu muu. It's time to SHOP.

Not advised for anyone OCD. Lining up those strings to match your tan lines each time you wear would get exhausting.

Totally appropriate and festive for that Christmas in July party.

Male designer: "So we're going to use see through mesh on this one. In the pooch area. It will be a best seller!"

This one is a hypnotist's dream. You are getting sleeeeeeeepy.

From Victoria's Secret new maternity line. Whether you're in your first trimester or last, this cutout design has got you and your baby bump (un)covered.

This 80's throwback swimsuit comes with clear jelly shoes and a fluorescent hair scrunchie.

The "I just got mauled by a tiger" one-piece. Rawr.

Gee, my fat wouldn't bulge out of those string sides *at all*.

This one is clearly part of Victoria's Secret "Mommy and Me" line. Because who doesn't want to match their toddler on the beach?  (Swim diapers not included.)

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