Friday, May 17, 2019

Are You Victoria's Secret Bathing Suit Ready? The 2019 Edition!

Yes, it's stillllllllllllll cold and rainy here in the Northeast. But never fear, ladies. Sunshine and summer are JUST around the corner and we need to be prepared. Victoria never lets us down, does she?!

Did you hear the exciting news? Swimsuits are back! Swimsuits are back at Victoria's Secret! So put down that Land's End catalog. Throw that sensible full coverage tankini in the trash. Step out of that muu muu. It's time to SHOP.

Not advised for anyone OCD. Lining up those strings to match your tan lines each time you wear would get exhausting.

Totally appropriate and festive for that Christmas in July party.

Male designer: "So we're going to use see through mesh on this one. In the pooch area. It will be a best seller!"

This one is a hypnotist's dream. You are getting sleeeeeeeepy.

From Victoria's Secret new maternity line. Whether you're in your first trimester or last, this cutout design has got you and your baby bump (un)covered.

This 80's throwback swimsuit comes with clear jelly shoes and a fluorescent hair scrunchie.

The "I just got mauled by a tiger" one-piece. Rawr.

Gee, my fat wouldn't bulge out of those string sides *at all*.

This one is clearly part of Victoria's Secret "Mommy and Me" line. Because who doesn't want to match their toddler on the beach?  (Swim diapers not included.)

Thursday, August 09, 2018

August Promotions at Fenway Park!

Sunday, August 12
Out of the Park | Boston Common
Highland Street Foundation, the City of Boston, L.L.Bean and the Boston Red Sox will host the fifth annual “Out of the Park” on August 12 on the Boston Common. “Out of the Park” is a free, family-oriented event that brings the Fenway Park experience to the community. “Out of the Park” will feature a live viewing of the 1:05 p.m. Red Sox-Orioles game, complementary food and kids and family activities.

Tuesday, August 14
Fenway Park will screen the original Jurassic Park in celebration of the movie's 25th anniversary on Tuesday, August 14. Tickets for "Movie Night at Fenway Park," presented by Fandango, are available now. Movie Night attendees will be invited to walk the warning track from 6:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m., weather and field permitting. Concessions will be available.

Saturday, August 18-Sunday, August 19
Fenway Rooftop Sessions | Fenway Park
The Fenway Rooftop Sessions, presented by vineyard vines is a new and unique way to enjoy the game. Tickets include a pregame performance from a local Boston band, and a ticket to the game. Saturday, August 18 will include a performance by City Rivals. Dalton & The Sheriffs will perform on Sunday, August 19.

Monday, August 20

The Red Sox will celebrate one of the most popular comic strips of all-time, "Peanuts," with the annual Peanuts Night on August 20. Peanuts Night tickets include a limited edition bobblehead of Snoopy in a Red Sox uniform! 

Tuesday, August 21
The Red Sox will celebrate the Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning series, Game of Thrones® on August 21. Game of Thrones Night tickets include a Red Sox 'K' Slayer Chris Sale bobblehead, a chance to sit on the Dragonstone Throne, and the opportunity to see the Map Table of Westeros.

Wednesday, August 23
#SoxPromo: Kids Run the Bases and Wally & Tessie Headphones | Fenway Park
Kids in attendance 14 and under will receive a pair of Wally & Tessie Headphones, and after the game, kids will have the opportunity to run the bases at Fenway Park!

Wednesday, August 29
#SoxPromo: Puzzle Cube | Fenway Park
The first 10,000 fans at Fenway Park will receive a Red Sox Puzzle Cube.

Friday, June 08, 2018

June Promotions at Fenway Park

Going to Fenway Park nowadays is not just about watching 9 innings of baseball. From parking, to becoming immersed in the crowd of jerseyed fellow fans walking the streets of the park, to buying souvenirs, to eating Fenway Franks, to watching batting practice, to partaking in the activities for children of all ages at Gate K (virtual reality! balloon animals and bracelets! Big League Brian on stilts!)'s the entire experience of going to Fenway.

Even now, the boys love to have friendly not-so-friendly sibling rivalry challenges at the pitching radar booth. ("You throw like a girl!" To which I automatically respond, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!) 

Throughout the season, there are a variety of kid and family-friendly events taking place at the ballpark.

Here's what's on tap this month at Fenway Park:

On Sunday, June 10th, after the 1:05 game, all kids will have the opportunity to run the bases on the field.

Friday, June 22nd is Pearl Jam Night at Fenway Park.  The first 1,500 fans who purchase tickets  
from this link will receive a limited edition pennant designed by Pearl Jam. The band Outfall will also host a pre-game concert covering all Pearl Jam's hits.

And on Wednesday, June 27th, the first 10,000 fans in attendance will receive a Jackie Bradley Junior bobblehead to add to their collection!

Play ball!


[Disclosure: I am a member of the #redsoxparents network. I occasionally receive complimentary tickets to Sox games as part of my membership.]

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Bucket List Item I Didn't Even Know I Had

The stars aligned earlier this month when all 3 of my siblings and I got to hang out together in Colorado to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday. We hadn't been all together in the same room for at least 4 years, so this trip was very exciting.

The first full day we were there, we went to Manitou Springs, CO, home of the Incline. I had seen this massive "thing" before, when my husband and I were in Colorado for the baptism of my niece in September. It literally looks like a ladder going up the side of a mountaintop. Straight up into the sky. I (kinda) wanted to climb it then, but it was a no-go from Hubby.

That day the 4 of us were there, my Sis and I were taking some good-natured ribbing from our 2 younger brothers, who insisted that there was NO WAY we could make it to the top. All this, of course, while the 2 of them had NO intentions of doing it themselves (my brother who lives in CO has done it numerous times already, so he gets a pass; and Birthday Boy? No way-he'd die). So their plan was to go find a library, and by library I mean bar, until we were through.

And so we began. Let it be noted that we were already out of breath...before we even started. The altitude is NO JOKE. I mean, I knew in my head that my legs would get hurty, but I definitely didn't take into account the whole "not being able to breathe" factor.

Everyone attempting the Incline is super friendly and supportive. You're all in the same boat together. I was surprised by the amount of solo hikers, and I'm glad we went on a day that wasn't crowded.

The steps, at times, were close together and easy. And then, at other times, they were further apart and STEEP. And the higher we climbed, the more dizzy we got, both from the altitude and just looking back down. At some points, I was climbing the steps like an actual ladder - using both my hands and my feet. And so we kept going up.

And oh yeah, there's a false summit. Thank GOD I knew about this beforehand, because it literally would have broken my spirit. I would 100% had a meltdown if I reached that point and then realized there was more to go. And there is - more to go. When you hit that part, it's just MANY MORE STAIRS STRAIGHT UP. There's no flat part, no curve, no landing. Just more stairs that happen to be out of sight from the bottom. And so we kept going up.

[Fun fact: My brother once tricked my Dad with the false summit. "You only have this much further to go, Pops. You can do it!" And then once they reached it, there was LOTS of swearing, but my Dad forged on to the top.]

Once you get started, there's really no way to quit. Before the false summit, which is about 3/4 of the way up, there is a point where you can get on the trail to go back down. But other than that? If you want out, you're heading back down those stairs. And for me, that was a huDge HELL NO. I could just picture myself pitching forward and tumbling down down down. And so we kept going up.

Eventually...finally...gloriously...we made it to the top. Sweaty, (still) out of breath, and triumphant!

I'd definitely do it again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Making Family Dinner - You Win Some, You Lose Some

By all means, I'm not a cooking expert. The crockpot is my friend, even though my family tires of those meals pretty easily. But I do have some crockpot meal winners in my repertoire. And definitely some losers:

Nonetheless, I try to plan weekly meals, based on the boys' evening sports/activities and who will be around that night. I'm usually serving dinner 3 nights during the week and my fall back meals are without a doubt: topsy turvy (breakfast for dinner), pasta, and tacos.

Mind you, the taco nights are nothing fancy at all. Taco mix from a box with all the fixings. The boys also like white rice with their taco meat and cheese.

Last week, I'm not quite sure what came over me, but I got oh so fancy and innovative. Instead of plopping all the cooked ingredients on the counter and lining them up assembly-line style for the kids to make a mess their own tacos, I put a scoop of meat, a scoop of rice and some shredded cheese in each of the soft tacos, wrapped them up burrito-style, and baked them in the oven for a few minutes, figuring if the boys wanted fixings (sour cream, guac, salsa), they could just dip the taco instead.

You would've thought I was Mother of the Year. All of the tacos were completely devoured with gusto.

Not 1, not 2, but all *3* of them asked, at separate points and without hearing each other ask first, "Did you get this recipe on Pinterest, Mom?!"

Ummm, no kids. I came up with it Can you even believe what a gourmet chef your mother is?!

...and then the next day, riding on my high of Taco Maker Extraordinaire, I threw frozen meatballs and sauce in the crockpot to serve with pasta. Simple and easy, right? The boys (including my Hubby), literally only ate pasta...without sauce or meatballs.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes, fam.

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Five Stages of Driving with a New Teen Driver

Moms, the time is coming, mark my words. This blog *used* to be about the hecticness of life raising young boys - potty training; naps; strollers; etc.

And, well, now?  Time sure does fly. Now I have two teenagers and a soon-to-be-teen. One of which is a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DRIVER. Let me just say that my gray hairs have quadrupled since October 5, 2017, the day Eldest turned 16, passed his exam and received his Massachusetts driver's permit.

Much like the stages of grief (and there is absolutely grief involved when you have a teen driver), here are the 5 stages of driving with a new teen driver:

1. Optimism. Stage One is definitely optimism. You think, "Hey, he did it! He passed the written test. He knows all about driving now! I'm *sure* he can handle driving (no more than) 30mph in town. That's not very fast. This should be a piece of cake! And how great will it be to have someone else able to schlep everyone to and from their sports?!"

2. Apprehension. But then comes Stage 2. Once you're in the car and securely buckled, with the child you practically just birthed at the wheel, the crazy thoughts begin: "Wow, this is a big car. Can he really handle it? What about all the other drivers out there? Isn't there a sign we can put on the windshield to indicate he's a new driver? Why isn't there a foot brake on my side? Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all...I really don't mind schlepping to sports for another 3, 4, 5 years. It's not so bad."

3. Confusion. After Apprehension comes Stage 3, where Confusion sets in. You begin to wonder, "Why am I so nervous? This is a kid who has played driving and racing videos since he was 3 years old! He's driven plenty of go-carts. And the lawnmower. And he had that big ride-on Cadillac Escalade that he drove his brothers in. He should know how to drive, right?"  And hang on (for dear life. Literally.), because Stage 3 merges directly into Stage 4, because then you become even more confused when your child, in fact, is NOT an excellent driver.

4. Abject Terror.  Oof, Stage 4. At this point, the optimism has waned and you're already apprehensive and confused as you find yourself white-knuckle gripping the "oh shit" handle in your car (the handle on the ceiling above the passenger seat), and your body is swerving in the hopes that the car will swerve along with you to avoid the mailboxes and CURBS that are coming dangerously close to your entire right side. Yet you hold it all in and calmly state, "Drive a little closer to the middle, honey. You're getting too close to the side, ok?", but inside of your brain you can see yourself curled up in the fetal position sucking your thumb and wondering whose bright idea it was to procreate in the first place. And don't even get me started about backing out of the garage/driveway and that time he *thought* he had put the car in Forward but it was actually still in Reverse and we came about 2 inches from hitting the neighbor's mailbox. Yep, that's Stage 4 alright. Or when you finally let him drive on the highway and he needs to pull in to the parking lot but he's in the left lane and not the right lane to turn and he switches lanes (signaling, of course) yet he "didn't see" the car that he cut off. Until we hear the furious beeping and see the one-finger wave behind us. Did I already mention the amount of new gray hair I have?

5. Relief.  But oh, then there's lovely Stage 5. Relief, sweet relief. Please note that this stage *only* occurs when the car is parked safely in the garage, engine off, and your feet are on solid ground. And you vow not to do that again anytime soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Are You Victoria's Secret Bathing Suit Ready? The 2018 Edition!

Here in New England, we've weathered three (3!) Nor'Easters all within the span of a few weeks...and supposedly there's another one looming on the horizon next week. And's MARCH, dammit.

But in the spirit of being optimistic (because that's soooooo me) let's just skip right over spring and think about SUMMER! The sun, the warmth, the drinks, the BEACH!  And what does one wear to the beach? Why of course, you don your best string bikini from Victoria's Secret, right? (Again, that's sooooo me.)

Up first we have this creative tye-dye number. It's a DIY'er! Grab your tightest tee, cut the shit out of it, and go to town with the dye! Hey, have your kids help you!

Ummm, either this is a great breastfeeding suit (just untie and whip out the boob), or a horribly dangerous idea (small children, easy lace to untie with little fingers and then boom, you look down and you're exposed). Kids these days!

Remember Cats Cradle that we used to do with yarn/string in the 80's? This is the bathing suit equivalent.

Mom truth: The sides of my legs up to my waist are NOT the most flattering area on my bod. I feel like my skin would totally try to escape that netting and would bulge out the sides. Not a good look. 

Does this model have nipples? Where are they?!

Victoria finally came up with an educational bathing suit: Here kids, it's time to learn to tie. Lie down on Momma's back and practice!

Why oh why would you ever want those tan lines?! 

If that string comes untied, do your bottoms fall off?

Hey, happy shopping!


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