Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Brain Dump

When you (I) get out of the habit of blogging regularly, man, it's hard to jump back in.  Especially nowadays, when I see so many of my fellow bloggers jumping ship.  Blogging isn't like it used to be, my friends.  When people commented regularly, there was much more interaction and dialogue and FEEDBACK.  *sigh*

And now I shall step away with my cane and hop on my dinosaur...


There's a lot going on in the Trenches/there's not much going on in the Trenches.  Basically, it's same old, same old.  Now with older, busier children and an older, busier husband/wife team.

Bulletpoints (because there just ain't no organizing this particular brain dump):
  • I started Crossfit on Monday.  Related:  I cannot walk or sit or MOVE without wincing today.  I'm gonna go to classes every Monday and Friday morning at the ass crack o'dawn. (Unfortunately, exercise is not my problem-o.  It's my eating habits.)
  • I'm back on the caffeine.  In limited amounts and not all habit-forming-like (hopefully).
  • We are in the sweet spot in between sporting seasons in the Trenches.  Basketball has ended, but baseball and lacrosse (Baby is trying it this year) have yet to start.
  • I'm officially done with my Pop Warner Treasurer duties.  And man, does it feel like a weight has been lifted.  I didn't realize exactly how much time it took up until I stopped doing it.  Sweet relief.
  • I'm running two 5k races this month.  I shouldn't really use the word "race" because they will both be more like a "crawl".
  • I'm not attending BlissDom this year.  I'm veryveryveryvery sad about it.
  • Even though my regular diary-like blogging has definitely dried up, and I oftentimes think about bowing out of this aspect of social media, certain invitations and events and FUN THINGS keep my toes dipped in this pool - this month the fam gets to see the Harlem Globetrotters; there's an Old Navy fashion show on the horizon; I have an audition for Listen to Your Mother; and barring weather difficulties (which is always a probability likely here in New England), you may see me in a BlissDom video shoot for Child Hunger Ends Here...

I think that pretty much covers it.  As you were.


Ashley said...

I feel ya lady! I haven't even commented here in ages and I used regularly. It's hard to get the motivation to summon a blog post when all you hear are crickets!

Angella said...

I'm here. I just wish you didn't have truncated posts for the days whee all I have time to do is scroll in order to keep up. :)

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I too miss old-school blogging. And it is SO hard to get back into the groove once you take a mini break!


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