Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gone Girl Movie Roles

Ok, now that everyone has discussed 50 Shades of Grey ad nauseum and hashed over who should play the movie roles of Christian Grey (Ian Somerhalder? Yes, please!) and Anastasia Steele (any brunette BUT Kristen Stewart, for the love of God), I'd like to move on to a new discussion.

Gone Girl.  Have you read it yet?  Were you as hooked as I was? 

But...SPOILER ALERT..did you find the end a bit of a letdown, as I did?

I mean, the book just ENDS.  No resolution.  No drama.  Just THE END. 

I finished it, and felt a little put off.  It diminished the rest of the book for me.

But anyway, moving on...

Let's get to the good stuff! Who do you picture in the movie roles for Gone Girl?

Here's my thoughts:

AmyGwyneth Paltrow

NickLuke Wilson

Go:  This is a tough one, because Nick and Go are twins...and Go has to be kind of rough-looking...I'm stuck.  Daphne Zuniga maybe?

DesiPhillip Seymour-Hoffman

*Ok, your turn!  Did you read it?  Who are your choices for the movie?*


Heather said...

I so wish I was better at this game. I can never think of the right actors to play the parts.

I guess Gwyneth could work as Amy.

I love Luke Wilson, but not as Nick. I think Nick needs to be prettier.

Yes to Phillip Seymor Hoffman.

And hmmmm Go. You are right. She is tricky. I totally see some kind of "has been" actor using the role as a comeback and totally rocking it. I just can't think who it would be.

I told you I totally suck at this game.

Lexi said...

I loved this book can't wait for the movie! But for Amy all I can picture now is Reese Witherspoon because I know she is producing and is probably going to star even though I don't think she's exactly right for the role. As for the rest...
Nick- Jake Gyllenhaal or Matt Damon (Someone all-american and 'man pretty')
Go- Maggie Gyllenhaal (since they're siblings in real life) or Claire Danes

Amy's parents- Ed Begley Jr. and Patricia Clarkson

Desi- I pictured an Adrian Brody type tall and suave but still awkward and a little creepy

Either way I hope they do a good job with the casting it has great potential for both the guy and girl roles since they both have such dramatic parts! Can't wait!!

Shell said...

Totally obsessed with this book.

And the ending- I get what you are saying but I saw it as not taking the easy way out.

Trying to think of who for the roles. They're all supposed to be pretty aren't they? I saw Nick as a pretty boy.

Anonymous said...

Amy: Natalie Portman - she can clearly play unhinged and crazy like in black swan

Nick: Ben Affleck/Matt Damon

Desi: Johnny Depp

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Heard of this book but haven't read it yet. Will add to my fall reading list!


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