Monday, April 16, 2012

Double Dipping

You never really want to unexpectedly receive one of those letters from your child's school in the mail addressed to "To the Parents of _____________".

That happened to me this weekend. 

Seems that Baby owes $8.89 to his school cafeteria.

Needless to say, I was perplexed.

When the boyz buy lunch, I send them with the exact amount of cash every.single.time.

I confronted Baby in the car with this information on the way to a birthday party.

Me (kinda fuming):  "So your cafeteria just sent me a letter saying that you owe almost $9 to them!  How can this be?"

Baby (shrugging):  "I don't know."

Me:  "Are you buying lunch when I pack you a lunch too?  Are you giving your lunch money away?  What is it?  Seriously, you need to tell me RIGHT NOW."

Baby (in his authoritative 6 year old manner): "Mom, those cafeteria ladies are crazy.  I have no idea!  Maybe they have the wrong kid."

Me (totally ready to throttle him at this point):  "Hmmm, kiddo.  I'm not quite sure I believe you.  I think they have a pretty good system and probably don't make mistakes like this.  I mean, neither of your big brothers got notes sent home.  I wonder why it was JUST YOU..."

Baby:  (silence from the back seat)

Me:  "Well, I know how we can solve this problem.  You and I are going to march into your cafeteria, hand-in-hand, and I am going to show those cafeteria ladies this note.  Perhaps THEN we can get to the bottom of this mystery, don't you think?"

Baby (big sigh):  "Okay fine.  I buy breakfast."

Me:  ??????

Uh, I fix this kid breakfast every.single.morning.  Waffles, cereal, french toaster sticks, mini bagels...I'm quite sure we already have everything at home in our own fridge that his school cafeteria is offering!

But he's going into school and EATING ANOTHER WHOLE BREAKFAST!

His BFF's Mom and I compared notes this weekend.  Apparently the two of them are hopping off the bus and heading straight for the cafeteria for Round 2.  (His buddy owed $10.)

That $8.89 owed?

Is coming straight from HIS WALLET.

The little stinker.


Jennifer said...

My son eats two breakfasts every morning, one at home and one at daycare. I'm pretty sure he would do this same thing.

Heather said...

I have a double dipper too. I put money is account to pay for his lunches and several months ago I felt like the balance was really getting low rather quickly. I logged in to the online account to see what was going on and discovered he was eating breakfast several times a week. And yes he does eat a full breakfast at home every day. But because he has had such a great year this year I am kind of hesitant to mess with his recipe for success. So he continues to double dip.

Amanda said...

I was equally perplexed when I was advised of a balance due on one of my daughters' accounts. Turns out she went on a chocolate milk buying spree.

Shell said...

Oh, that's too funny!

Mine likes to try to buy snacks along with his lunch.

justme said...

bwhaaaa love it...

Cool Baby Clothes said...

Too funny! Love it :)


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