Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just a Mishmash of Stuff I Feel Like Writing About Today

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???


Me either.

But yet, here we are.  August.  And Pop Warner football season has begun. 

So has the chaos.

This season, all 3 boyz are playing.  Hubby is (again) coaching Eldest.  And Middle and Baby are embarking upon their first football season, together on the same team.  A parent has to be in attendance at each practice/game.  So by default, while Hubby is off coaching, I am required to sit at the little guys' 2+ hour practices each night.  Thinking about all the things I could/should be doing at home in the Trenches, like clutter-control, cleaning, laundry, etc.

So yeah.  Fun times. 

(And yes, I may bitch a lot this season, but honestly?  The boyz LURVE playing football.  So it's all good.)

(And they are completely wiped out at night!  Bonus.)

Note to self:

If Middle wakes up in the Middle of the night sniffling, don't assume he just has a stuffy nose.  Go check on him immediately.

Because if you don't?  Soon afterwards you will hear a pitiful whine of, "Mommy?  I can't get my nose to stop bleeding."

And then when you go to check on him?  And realize that he does, indeed, have a gusher?

In your quest to obtain more tissues, you will turn on the bathroom light and think someone got murdered.  Because the bathroom will resemble a horrific crime scene with blood covering the floor, the toilet, and the sink.

And you will find yourself scrubbing a bathroom (and a 6-year old sleepy child) at 4am.

So next time?

Get your ass out of bed pronto.

On a whim this past weekend, we attended an Open House in the neighborhood across the street from our subdivision.  A neighborhood that possesses a plethora of little boys.  A neighborhood where we already know some of the families.  A neighborhood that would be perfect for us...if only that frigging money tree would GROW, DAMMIT! in our backyard.

We had the boyz with us.  They eagerly scampered through the (much bigger than our current) house.

After a thorough inspection, Hubby and I were chatting with the realtor in the (big and awesome) kitchen.  Baby, tapping the stainless steel refrigerator and looking pointedly at the realtor, inquired, "'Scuse me?  Is this Electrolux?"

And finally, I'll leave you with this Deep Thought to pontificate upon:

Kinda like if a tree falls in the woods...If a blogger blogs but everyone else is at BlogHer, will anyone read it?


Shell said...

I'm not at Blogher! I'm reading!

My oldest 2 are starting soccer soon. Heaven help me.

We haven't had the bloody nose thing happen, but I ignored a little whine that I heard the other night because it didn't last long- in the morning, there was dried puke all over the place.

Whirlwind said...

I was wondering the same thing - if I post this weekend will it get read?

We have soccer starting soon, but thankfully it doesn't start this early! I know football and cheerleading (where they started the signups in FEBRUARY) have just started. Um, practice for 2+ hours every night of the week the whole month of August, um thanks but I'll pass!

Rita Templeton said...

Oh, ugh. Football. I hate sports - couldn't be MORE disinterested - and whaddaya know ... fate gives me three boys! But I guess when the time comes for them to join the football/soccer/whatever team, I'll suck it up.

Ashley said...

Oh that Baby! He just cracks me up.

Manic Mommy said...

Poor bloody boy! Gremlin gets the same thing. I have the bloody hand prints on my bedroom door to prove it.

I too am not at BlogHer and will read...and maybe post. It's like a total eclipse of the Blogosphere.

Rebecca said...

The bloody nose story just about made me pee myself...thanks!

WorkingMom said...

I'm also not at BlogHer... and am reading.

Can't wait for football to start (and for the Middle Child to use some of his energy!). I use practice time to pay the bills, read, walk around the field (there's my exercise), go through magazines, catch up on the family calendar, etc. Bring your laptop... you can blog from the car (they said be there... the parking lot is there).

As for the bloody nose - Hubby's better at hearing that stuff than I am... so I let him wake me up if needed.

Hearing you about the house - we're about to do floors and paint in ours to get it market-ready... only because some zoning crap in the neighborhood is making us realize that, while living near the center of town is nice, any jackass with deep pockets can tear down a house next to us and throw up four condos.

Michele R said...

It will be baseball, baseball and roller hockey for us soon. I read magazines, call friends, and walk. And dvr the shows that I miss on TV.

Serenityville said...

Hmmm....I was going to getcha for saying me either instead of me neither, but can't find a reliable source online. How about you, grammar queen?

anne nahm said...

I am so excited about Blogher! I'm not going, and I'm completely psyched to not feel obligated to read any posts about it, and to skip all over the drama stuff after! It's like my eyeballs are going to Hawaii.

Beth said...

I love reading you blog.

Check out my blog post from today!


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