Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Running - Bouncing Boobs

I am not well-endowed.

Pre-children, I was a Sporty and Perky 34B.

Post-3 breastfed children, I am a National Geographic 34B.  And the B part is a stretch.


Containing my tah-tahs is not really an issue, as there is not really all that much to strap down.


A good, comfortable, and most importantly NON-ANNOYING running bra is important!

As I've shown you before, I own a plethora of sport bras, from UnderArmour to Champion to GapBody to Old Navy to Danskin:
The newest addition to my collection is that polka-dot one in the upper left hand corner.  When I had taken this pic, the tags were still on it.  It's from Lands' End and I got it at a Sears Outlet Store a/k/a the Sears Scratch and Dent store.  Do you have one of these near you???  If so, GO THERE!  They are now selling clearance Lands' End merchandise in these stores.  UNADVERTISED.  Yes, right next to the dented washing machines.

That bra?  I got it for $5.00!

You guys.  It's, by far, the best sports bra I have ever owned.  Soft material, criss-cross back, tighter in the upper chest and looser in the waist, and a perfect length.  With a little zip pocket in the front for my iPod.  I bought size M (10-12) and while the inner bra part is a little too big for my mosquito bites, the overall fit is excellent.  And it does not, at all, ride up when I'm running.  KEY.  It's the only bra I've ever owned that I feel comfortable enough in to wear without a tee shirt over it!
As a matter of fact, after wearing it once, I immediately hit the website to find some more.  It's on sale marked down from $40 to $29.  In both black and white.  And Lands' End ALWAYS has free shipping codes.

[I bought both.]

No, I am not receiving any sort of compensation from Lands' End for telling you this.  I'm telling you because I care.  About you.  And your rack.  You're welcome.

Feel free to discuss your fave sports bra in the comments.  But I guarantee you that mine is better.  That is, my bra is better.  Certainly not my boobs.  Because yours are fabulous.


Claire said...

I'm really enjoying your running series, as I am a runner-wanna-be myself. However, all this bra talk just makes me jealous - I am *well*-endowed (40DD before kids, a whopping 40(gasp)G right now while pregnant). I am convinced that NO sports bar exists to contain these ta-tas. I have resorted to wearing a minimum of 2 sports bras that are both a size (or 2) too small when I run. It's the only way to keep them from slapping me in the face!

But I totally agree that a good sports bra can make or break a run- if I forget to bring one in my work-out bag, then I can't run. period, no exceptions.

Rebecca said...

Ooooh...I need one (or five)! I love the full tanks b/c it keeps my pooch in line as well at the tats! Thanks!!!

Andrea Proulx said...

I didn't know the Scratch and Dent sold Lands End stuff too! I may have to get out there to get myself one of these (if they still have them). I think there is one in the Shrewsbury (MA) area that I will have the check out!

natalee said...

lol... i am soo getting one!!!!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I am very well endowed and I haven't found a single one yet that is comfortable. I'm still working on that!

Ashley said...

Okay I AM well endowed like 36DD endowed. I probably should even move up to an E or F or whatthehellever comes after that but I refuse. Anyways, I gave in and bought a few Enell bras (ya know what Oprah works out in) and I tell you hands down the best effen bra ever, if you've got big hooters. So worth the money, no bounce, no pain, I almost look flat chested wearing one. I love love love my Enell.

Alexandra said...

Hysterical. glad I found you from hopping around.

I'm your newest stalker, er, follower.

Love your stuff!

Kim Dettmer said...

Ok...I was about to go into a rant about my Enell - especially after I saw Claire's and MommyLovesStiletto's comments, but I see that SugarBritches beat me to the punch...or if you will... beat me to the bounce. So, I guess, like a popped balloon, my rant has been reduced to a "Yah, what she said!" Now if only my boobs would reduce themselves...

Magpie said...

Oh! This looks perfect. I just started the Couch to 5K, and I need one (or some) of these things...

Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him said...

I am always saying 'these bloggers just don't care enough about my rack.'

You have some well-endowed readers! I could probably run without a bra. Hell, without a shirt. I would just look like one of those high school boys distance running in the summer.

Kristi said...

I think I'm new here, though your blog name sounds familiar . . . love this post, I must check my Sears Outlet for Lands End stuff! I'm a 34B mom of 3, and I know what you mean about National Geographic. I hate sports bras, why sprain my neck getting into one when I don't even really need one? But on your rec, I'll try this one! (PS the name of my blog is not a reference to this topic!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It makes me want to go measure, right now. I honestly have NO idea what size I wear; however, I think I'm with you on the post-nursing National Geographic-ness.

LOVE your blog.


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