Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notsomuch a 24-Hour Virus


Let me tell you, once your children reach the age where they sleep through the night on a consistent basis, your body adjusts.  And NEEDS that consistency.

And now when that preshus sleep is interrupted?  It's almost that much worse.

Trust me. 

Our Trenches has been a cesspool of sickness.  Coming from both ends of the youngest two. 

It all started early last week.  Middle randomly threw up at the babysitter's house. But then seemed fine.  So we carried on lalalalalala.

Thursday night, he started complaining of a bellyache right before dinner.  And laid on the floor next to a puke bucket, moaning.  And then threw up.

But then seemed fine.  So we carried on lalalala.

(Denial?  Might just be my middle name.)

[And then I let the boyz have their scheduled playdates Friday afternoon and probably infected 3 innocent children.  Pass me that Mother of the Year crown, wouldya?]

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Baby was in our bed.  Complaining of a bellyache.  And then HE threw up (handy-dandy puke bucket, FTW!)

But then seemed fine.  So we carried on lalalala and went ahead with plans to drive to Connecticut to see my family.  (My parents were going to be at my Sis's house for the weekend.)

Because what's a few germs among family, right?  (I promise I had their blessing to come.)

Both Middle and Baby had little "foop" accidents that day.  (You know, when you fart and a little poop comes out...)

Despite fouling Sis's bathroom though, a good time was had by all:
And we actually slept through Saturday night.  It figures that was the night we lost an hour, though.

Sunday everybody was fine.  The worst was over, wahoooo!


Sunday night, Middle was in our bed all night.  Moaning and clutching his poor distended belly.  And farting.

I gave him my go-to cure (Benefiber) and waited for it to kick in.

Needless to say, I didn't go to work yesterday.  Middle still had a bad belly and now *I* needed to be near a toilet as well.  Grrr.

I spent all day yesterday changing sheets, doing laundry, and disinfecting my entire Trenches.  Again, both Middle (once he unleashed, that is) and Baby seemed fine.

What next, right?

Last night.

Last night, it was Baby again.  In our bed, crying profusely and pitifully, clutching his little belly.  We weren't quite sure which end it was gonna come from this time...

The mouth.  It came from his mouth. 


At 12:30am, Hubby and I got to have that heated discussion that all working couples just looooove to have:

"I stayed home today.  I can't miss another day."

"My work is crazy busy!  I can't just not go in."

"Well, it doesn't make any sense for BOTH of us to be up all night, does it?  So what are we gonna do?"

Baby ended up in our bed for the night with Hubby.  I slept in his twin bed.  Sharing a room with Middle who snored and farted for that entire 5 hours.  I actually got up and went over to SMELL HIM to make sure he hadn't fouled himself, it was that bad.  The room smelled like a sewerage dump.

Fun times, people, fun times.

Notice I didn't mention Eldest at all?


He's been fine.



Unknown said...

Don't jinx yourself saying he's been fine, he'll be next! Isn't it so fun when they aren't feeling well?!?!

Kim Dettmer said...

Ohh...I SO feel for you! I hope the whole house feels better soon and that (knock on wood, cross your fingers, do the healthy dance) your eldest doesn't come down "unexpectedly" with something...

This too shall pass, right?

Christine said...

After I read about the "Foop" I couldn't go any further!!! Mwahahahahaha! "Foop" I LOVE IT! I'm gonna add that one to my vocab. I feel for you though...hang in. Brighter days are on the horizon.

Manic Mommy said...

Ugh! God I don't miss those "are you gonna call out or am I?" negotiations. But your re-telling is still humorous.

My BIL uses the term "gambled and lost" for the above mentioned "foop".

Hoping the clorox did its job and you're all on the mend.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

SO TRUE! Losing sleep when you are used to finally sleeping through the night again is MISERABLE!!

The Mommyologist said...

Oh man...you need a vacation girl!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we aren't on the same path over here. Yesterday, my little guy puked on the way home from the grocery store IN THE CAR. He'd been complaining of a belly ache all day...and he's been fine ever since minus a few farts.

I wonder if Round 2 is on its way?

Michelle said...

You really, honestly, had me laughing out loud by the end! All laughs aside, I hope you get more sleep, and that the puking and farting subsides. (sorry had to laugh again)

Suburb Sierra said...

Hang in there. Our 24 hr bug started Thursday night and *seems* to be over today. I am battling a cold - who gets a cold anymore? - but keeping all extremities crossed that the stomach ailments have passed.

We had the horrible incident of both ends at the same time with my daughter. The poor thing was so sick and confused she didn't know what had happened - but I certainly did! Yikes.

Bathing in Lysol...

Brigid said...

I would take Scarlet Fever over that any day! Oh my. I am a HUGE fan of the puke bucket and have one hidden in just about every room of our house. You are a trooper - either if my kids says they have a stomach ache and I limit what goes in - because we all know -what goes in...

May everything pass quickly. And by pass, I mean go away, not like, actually, pass.

Serenityville said...

My never ending birth control, thank you. (Sorry to hear it)

Shell said...

You poor thing!

Though, I have to say that I would have had the playdate, too. If I kept my kids away every time I thought there was a chance that one of them could possibly be getting sick, I'd have to lock them up in their rooms forever.

Though, that might not be too bad of an idea...

amanda said...

this just makes me want to cry for you :(

hoping magical healthy less stinky and less pukey fairies show up at your house today!

Patois42 said...

Ah, those la-la-la-la-las we all can identify with.

Jen said...

LOL! And I only laugh b/c I do the middle of the night butt smelling too.

Rebecca said...

Okay, so karma is going to kick my ass for thinking that it's slightly funny that you had a playdate and a family visit with all of this going on!

I love love love the chronicle of events too...it's very...ummm...detailed! I hope all are better really soon and we have no recurrence!

Stacey said...

Stomach virus down 'round these parts too. Not necessarily my house, but the geographical area.

love the 'gambled and lost' phrase!
Hope you all get to feeling better. CanNOT imagine two being sick; hope Eldest stays germ free!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from SITS! What a rough weekend! I have never heard of foop before.

Mary Ellen said...

foop is my new favorite word. hahaha! I always called it a shart, but I think I'll switch over to foop!


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