Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nature vs. Nurture

When I snapped this photo at Eldest's football game, I was mostly trying to capture Baby, just sitting there, sucking his thumb, holding his blankie, while watching my Niece and her friends play Polly Pockets on the sideline:

Instead, what truly makes this photo so precious, is the little football player. See him? All padded up, ready to go hurtle himself at other bodies. But while his teammates roughhouse in the background, he has chosen to turn his back on the football activity, and to intently observe the girls playing instead. It's just too cute, isn't it?


Angella said...

My Emily is a thumb-sucker. SO CUTE. As is the little football dude :)

Clare said...

so cute!! i love him sucking his thumb, adorable!

Jennifer said...

That is a precious shot!


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