Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ahhhh, Kelly Clarkson!

So in the past few days, I've gotten a bikini wax, a pedicure and a manicure (Myrtle Beach--2 more days!) during my lunch breaks.

Opting for cheap instead of ritzy, I go to a salon I discovered in the somewhat gritty Downtown Crossing area of Boston, as opposed to swanky Newbury Street.

A total of $64 later (not including tips), I am tidy (yes, that area) and uncalloused (not that area--my feet!). And because I'm a giver, I thought I'd share with you some of my salon observations:

Bikini waxing. There's just no damn way to be modest during this process, is there? Even with granny panties on, your legs are sprawled wiiiiiide open.

It helps when your waxer doesn't really speak English. That way there's no pretense of small talk or chitchat about the weather as you're lying (laying?) there with your girly bits exposed; thusly leaving you free and clear to compose blog entries such as this as you anticipate the next excruciating tear of the waxy paper off your nether regions.

It lessens the pain if you grip the skin on the inside of your inner thigh and hold it taut while the waxing is being done. Truly. (Right Sarah. Kinda like a Dora bandaid would heal a gaping flesh wound?)

It always helps to have a meticulous waxer. Someone who's not all willy-nilly in her application. Otherwise you could end up crooked or lopsided down there. Just sayin'.

I would recommend NOT getting a waxing during the work day, as I did. It's hard to focus on work product when you're worried about being cemented by wax to your office swivel chair. While wearing a skirt.

Finally, in all honesty? Getting a bikini wax is just not that bad. It's really not so much about the ripping out of the hairs as it is the vulnerability of your private body being exposed to a stranger. Am I right?

Moving on to manis and pedis:

Is it just me, or does anyone else get paranoid when all the Asian beauticians speak in their native language? Are they making fun of me? "Look at her gnarly toes!" "Ewww, gross." "I can't believe I have to touch these things!" (Ok, so maybe I'm slightly paranoid.)

Having the callouses shaved off your feet feels soooo good. But not so good that I'm even remotely tempted to purchase this. Spaghetti with my own special shredded "parmesan", anyone?

Some women (*cough*thetwosittingonbothsidesofme*cough*) have really gross feet. Hmmm...maybe the girls were actually talking about them??

And finally, before you even make it out of the damn salon, you will inevitably smudge. Every. Single. Time. Grrrr.


Amy said...

Oh it sounds like you're all set to go! The beach! Yeah!!

justme said...

i have heard nothing but raves about that damn pediegg.

Unknown said...

I have a friend who is currently living in Korea. He has been known to frequent a spa in which patrons stick there feet in a pool to have fish eat their feet beautiful. He said it tickles, I wonder what the fish are saying in their native tongue...nevermind :)


AnnetteK said...

I can't comment on the bikini wax, cause seriously - no way, never.

I love pedicures but I ALWAYS think they're talking about me! The last place I went though the woman painted the cutest flowers on my toenails. I'm so going back there.

Lori said...

I'm headed Sat. as we're leaving for FL on Sun. Gonna go get all purdified for my much needed vacation. I agree about them talking; I always wonder if I'm the subject, but figure that's #1 my own self-esteem issues and #2 rather egocentric. I can hardly get out of the fricking chair without smudging.

Lori said...

Talk about egocentric...I forgot to say have a great time!! :)

Elaine said...

I have a pedegg! I actually always made fun of them and thought it was DISGUSTING when the girl poured out the skin shavings, but my husband bought me one (he was tired of massaging my feet and feeling my heels) and it's GREAT. Really, paired with that heel cream from Bath and Body and my feet are heavenly.

I have never had a bikini that weird?

Loralee Choate said...

One day I want to go Brazilian.
I don't think I'll ever have the guts, though!!!

Caits said...

hahahahha I think the EXACT same thing during pedicures!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh, please visit and leave me the name of the salon - I too am in boston and am in desperate need...

Deb said...

The hanging wide open bit really is the most disconcerting part of a wax. The pain is really not a big deal, compared to the risk you bear if hot wax were to spill *somewhere*.

I will never, ever use a cheese grater on my feet. Thank GOD someone else feels the same way.


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