Monday, May 19, 2008

A Little Bit Manic Monday

First, congrats to Mom of 5 for winning the WedgEZ tool over on my review blog!

Next, I have been remiss in blogging about my 2008 running (or lack thereof). Seems acquiring that full-time job in December has put a crimp in my exercise level. Shocking, I know. Anyway, Sis and I completed our second 5K of the season yesterday. We ran our first one in April, on a quite chilly and rainy morning, and it was pretty uneventful except that I kicked Sis's ASS.

Yesterday's race day dawned bright and sunny and warm. The race wasn't until 11 a.m. And Sis had been working out since that last 5K and was determined to beat me keep up with me a good pace. Sibling rivalry? Us? Nah.......

Anyway, we rocked. Our mile pace was 8:20! At 2 miles, we were at 17-something. Our finish time? 27:53.

Last fall, when we first started running in races, we didn't run any 5Ks. We started with a 5-mile, then did a 10 mile, then the 1/2 marathon, then a Thanksgiving morning 5 mile. So we've been discussing the merits of doing these short 3.2 mile runs and have decided that IF we're going to keep doing them while we attempt to train for a longer race in the fall, that our pace needs to improve with each race we run. Shoot me now.

So guess where I'm sore from that race yesterday?

My armpit.


My Sis so kindly gave me lotion after the race to dab on it. Yeah, it was some sort of MEDICATED FOOT LOTION.

Sting much????

Potty training update: BABY IS POTTY-TRAINED. (*furiously knocking on wood right now*)

Shockingly enough, it only took about a week. Maybe less. All we did? Took the diapers away.

He hated when he had an accident and his socks got wet. HATED IT.

And I discovered that the less I nagged, the more he went on his own. Even poop! No issues. (The kid is such a garbage dump when it comes to what he eats--meaning anything and everything--that he's quite regular and probably couldn't hold his bowels even if he tried. TMI? My bad.)

We already have scrapped the little potty seat (that I had purchased in March for him). He scrambles up on the big potty to go, and is only wearing diapers at night. He's even been dry at naptime.

NO MORE DIAPERS IN THE TRENCHES! (*now furiously dancing*)

(And yes, I realize I've probably cursed myself and he will regress. Immediately, I'm sure.)

And we only had one poop "incident". Thankfully, I wasn't around. Baby was playing outside at the babysitter's house. He had pooped in his unders. And was wearing sweats. Apparently, a rogue turd escaped down his leg and was irritating his skin, so he was scratching at his leg. When the babysitter approached him to ask him what he had all over his hands, he replied,

"Peanut butter."

Oh, and lastly, that fungus we had?

Completely gone from the Trenches! I scrubbed, disinfected, and laundered my butt off on Saturday.

Except now?

Middle started running a high fever yesterday evening (103.7! but once I dosed him with Motrin he was fine) and had it again this morning (103.2! and again, after the Motrin, was acting fine). Hubby schlepped him to the Dr. (where we probably should have our own chairs in the waiting room) and guess what???

[Sidenote: My first clue that something was wrong with him was when he voluntarily took a nap with no fuss. Clue #2 was when he woke up and came outside in his jeans and long-sleeve shirt and complained he was cold in the 75 degree sun. Clue #3 came this morning when Hubby asked him where it hurt and he responded, "Feels like I have chicken in my throat." Whatever that means.]

Apparently it means this: STREP.

So yeah, now there's that contagion running amuck in the Trenches.

(Oh hi Mom and Dad! Aren't you sooooo excited for our germs arrival on Thursday night?)


Sarah said...

oh, the strep. we know it well. damn strep.

as for the end of diapers, woo hoo! i remember being so thrilled when that happened at our house. and the grocery bill went down -- significantly!

congrats. on your running -- amazing.

Suz said...

You need to get body glide - silicone that comes in a deoderant like tube. rub it on any place you might chafe (inner thighs, sports bra line, etc . . .) I also use it for blister prevention in running shoes and pinchy heels - its AMAZING!!!

Amy said...

Peanut butter!? Oh that made me laugh and gag at the same time.

Manic Mommy said...

No diapers! I won't jinx you and say congratulations. Apparently, we're taking the slow and easy route with my three year old....very slow...

Life As I Know It said...

wow - congrats on the potty training! We're still working on that here.

Mom of 5 said...

Congrats on no diapers! I had to giggle about the "peanut butter". The only poop incident Bubba ever had while potty training involved pooping outside. He watched the dogs poop outside, so I guess it gave him an idea. He went out, pulled his pants down, and pooped in the yard.

I guess it could have been worse. We could have been in the park....

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Well I won't be making a pb&fluff sandwich for the cherub's tomorrow. Blech (as you would say). Funny though...

You go girl with the running. You and sis are gonna be on a Nike commercial soon!

MB :o)

Laurie of the Seven Stories said...

I remember so many days in a row at the Doctors. Gradually, our tribe is winning immunity, now that I say this we will likely all be bedridden next week, and doctors visits have become more sporadic. But I totally sympathize and remember those days.

Moments Of Mom said...

Congrats on the potty training, and umm did yo pay the sitter extra for the "peanut butter" incident? J/K


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