About SarahViz

Welcome to the Trenches!  This is me, the gal underneath the lampshade.  My name is Sarah, and I have been blogging since 2006.  And yes, I'm one of those bloggers who wistfully remembers the good old days before Facebook. And Twitter. And Pinterest.

Aside from my shameless addictions to Coke Zero, sarcasm, bad reality television (Bravo TV for-evah!), and bargain shopping, I am a full-time working mother of three sassy boyz, unoriginally nicknamed "Eldest", "Middle" and "Baby", and have been married to "Hubby" for almost 20 years.  (He says he doesn't *get* why I blog, yet faithfully reads every post and is secretly my biggest fan.)

And he also looks hawt in a cowboy hat.

We live in Massachusetts.  And yep, the winters here suck.

 I believe that putting on workout clothes counts as exercise; that no matter how much I clean my bathrooms they will always smell like pee; that snagging a prime parking spot means it will be a good shopping day; and that I was meant to be a mother of all boyz so I have no competition as Queen of the Castle Trenches.

Then - Also known as the Holy Sh*t What Were We Thinking?! Years
(ages 3-1/2, 1 and newborn)

And Now - Teenage Hormones In FULL Effect.

This blog chronicles my testosterone-filled working-motherhood journey.  The good, the bad...and the boogers. 

Contact me:  sarahviz@yahoo.com


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