Friday, June 30, 2017

Sarah's Summer Reading Suggestions

Curated just for you - to kick off this summer as you're laying peacefully by the pool or relaxing on the sand near the ocean...

Which?? Hahahahaha, that's funny, right Moms??! 

This is probably way more realistic:

Anyway, if there's a slight chance that you *do* have some downtime, here are my recommendations for your summer reading pleasure:


Wonder is such a quick but heartwarming read. It will tug at your parental heartstrings. Also, it's going to be made into a movie, so definitely read the book first (always my rule of thumb).

eleanor & park is a pleasant surprise, I promise. It's a quirky teen love story set in 1986.

I remember reading this and feeling so sorry for Sutter Keely, the protagonist of The Spectacular Now. He's a cocky, yet insecure teenager whose actions are often cringeworthy.  It is more of a heavy read for a YA book, but worth it! This was also made into a movie, but I haven't watched it.


I have 3 words to describe YOU (the book! Not *you*):  creepy, weird and compelling. This is one you will have trouble putting down. It's a stalker-filled beach read. And apparently, there's a sequel called Hidden Bodies. I have not read it yet though. Hopefully this summer!

Behind Closed Doors is one of my most recent favorite reads. Don't be surprised if this is one you can't put down. The title of the book says it all - that you never know what goes on...behind closed doors. (cue creepy music).

Wreckage is a book where you *think* you have figured out what happens...but you're probably wrong. It's about a plane crash survivor, her survival experience, the family she left behind, and the family she comes back home to.  This one isn't necessary fast-paced, but it's completely enthralling.

By one of my favorite authors, The Guest Room is about a bachelor party gone very, VERY wrong.


We Need to Talk About Kevin is a difficult, yet worthwhile read about the mother of a murderer. It is creatively written, yet eerie and compelling and uncomfortable. This is also a movie, that to be honest, I think I would have a hard time watching.

I don't know how many times I've raved about and recommended A Little Life, but it's quite a lot. This one is not for the faint of heart. It's beyond heavy, but oh so poignant. The writing is phenomenal. The characters (especially the main character, Jude) are memorable. If at first you're not into it, I promise you, just keep reading.


You can't read fly away without reading firefly lane first. Powerful stories of lifelong friendship. I most definitely cried at the end of firefly lane.

If you liked Me Before You, you'll love Dancing on Broken Glass even more. A heartbreaking love story that will definitely have you reaching for your beach towel to wipe your streaming teardrops.


I think you'll find that A Reliable Wife is a pleasant surprise. With its setting in the early 1900's, you expect it to be stodgy and buttoned-up, when it's actually just the opposite! The sex and scandal are delightful!

I remember being obsessed in high school with the stories of Charles Manson and the Helter Skelter murders, so The Girls, for me, was very reminiscent of that time period and the cult mentality. I couldn't put this one down.

Happy summer reading!

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