Wednesday, April 05, 2017

What I'm Loving - April 2017

Snow? Check.
Rain? Check.
Spring? Nope.

Here in New England at this time of the year, the weather is certainly not something to be loving. Safe to say, I think we're all pretty much over it.

Instead of focusing on the crap weather, let's instead turn to fun!things! to cheer us all up, ok?

~ I could spend hourrrrrrrrrrs in a Sephora store, just browsing. I'm always hesitant to buy because I feel like I apply makeup with the expertise of a toddler, but I'm *trying* to get better. In that respect, I enjoy finding new products that work for me and my schedule: I'm up at the ass crack of dawn to exercise, I shower at work, and then I hide at my desk and wait until I'm cooled down for a bit before I spackle some paint on my face.

That being said, these are 2 of my new favorite discoveries from Sephora. Laura Mercier's lip gloss (I got the bare pink color) and Benefit's Gimme Brow volumizer. (Your eyebrows are the focal point of your face, you know!)

~Stitchfix has been hit or miss for me over the years, so we have lately been on a break while I attempt to navigate shopping in REAL stores and TRYING THINGS ON. But I just got one, and it was winner winner chicken dinner! Instead of being depressed by the things that my stylist sent (too small, too tight, too NOT ME), my 5 pieces were curated by someone who "got" me! I kept a great top and a spectacular chunky silver bracelet, and am excited to try Stitchfix again. Word of advice: if you do sign up (the link I provided is an affiliate link), be VERY SPECIFIC on your style wants/needs/likes/dislikes!

~Binge-worthy (only 2 seasons thus far!):
Have you guys seen this?! It's an Amazon show that's hilariously irreverent about a couple who ends up together after a (more than) one night stand. I find myself laughing out loud throughout the episodes and am so glad I found this hidden gem! Anxiously awaiting Season 3...

~Ever heard of a HIIT workout? It stands for high intensity interval training and is an effective way of burning the most calories in the shortest amount of time. Enter Metafit. It's a new class/fitness craze that I decided to take on Monday nights. Holy sweat. And although the workouts are short (between 18-24 minutes), you feel like you

~ My friend introduced me to the Facebook page Living in Yellow, and oh man, you should see the contents of my Nordstrom cart these days...especially the shoes! Love love love her style and fashion finds. Unfortunately my wallet doesn't, so I will continue to add things to my cart and lovingly stare at them without purchasing. (That's not weird at all, right?)

~ Believe it or not, I stopped drinking Coke Zero at the beginning of 2017 and haven't really looked back. I've had an occasional Diet Coke here and there (maybe 5 total), but am trying to stay away. I don't drink tea or coffee, but I still wanted needed caffeine. Thankfully my work has this natural caffeine water that I've been living on.

~ Currently bingeing:

I read this YA book one summer, and was excited to find out that Netflix made it a series. Just started it, but can tell it's going to be good. But I highly recommend (always!) reading the book first.

~ Girls' Weekends. Recently just came back from a spectacular weekend away *in Vegas* with my 4 girlfriends. Really, it wouldn't have mattered where we were, because having that time away from our daily lives and routines and worries and work and families and stresses is always special and not to be taken for granted. But being in Vegas definitely made it all the more unique. It is such a comfort knowing that I have these priceless friendships, no matter what.

Now bring on spring!

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