Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pajama Days

You know what I miss about the boys' younger years?

I miss the Pajama Days.

The days when all 3 of them had coordinated pajama sets from Carters. Or Baby Gap. Or Children's Place.

(I was quite partial to those fleece one-piece footie pajamas. Umm..also? This is Middle standing up at 7 MONTHS OLD. And at this time, I was already 4 months pregnant with Youngest. OMG)

The days of little boy bare feet.

The days of blankies and thumbs.

When bedtime was a set-in-stone routine of baths, pajamas, and stories. When there were nighttime cuddles and I was able to sniff freshly shampooed hair.

I used to talk about sleep a LOT on this blog. As a matter of fact, as I was searching for pictures for this post, I found 153 (!) blog posts that reference "sleep"; 89 blog posts that talk about "naps"; and 49 blog posts with the word "crib". 

It used to be a big deal back in those days when I was sleep-deprived and frustrated and just wanting them to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT and GROW UP ALREADY.

But now?

There are no coordinated pajamas. It's tee shirts and shorts worn to bed. 

Sadly, there are no more cuddles. No more bedtime stories. No more hair to sniff or cute little boy feet. (Instead there's big boy smelly feet with unkempt toenails and TOE HAIR. When did my babies get TOE HAIR?!)

No more blankets or thumbs. Instead it's a quick "g'night Mom" from all 3 with a quick peck on the cheek, and off they go. 

Yep, I sure do miss those Pajama Days.

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