Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A Different Busy

Sometimes it's fun to dive back into my blog archives to see what I was complaining about doing back in 2006 or 2007...you know, juggling 3 little boys and a full-time job. Oh, the guilt.

Back then, the days were BUSY. But certainly a different busy than they are now. Gone are the sippy cups. Goodbye to the days of buckling and unbuckling carseats. There are no more bedtime snuggles and stories to read ad nauseum. (I'm looking at you, Eric Carle and everything you ever wrote ever). No diapers to change; no squirming boys to dress or undress.

Now, I'm juggling 3 big boys and a full-time job. In place of sippy cups are (usually empty) Gatorade bottles (littering my Trenches). No carseats, but lots of arguing about who "called" the front seat first. No bedtime stories to be read, but monitoring the myriad of social media outlets and devices they are (constantly) on. No diapers to change, but always socks to sort.

It's constant.

Now, those of you who know me in real life, know that I'm pretty much a homebody. Bra off, feet up at the end of my day. Especially during the week.

It all started last night during a (rare) family dinner. Middle and Youngest had Student Council after school, and it seems this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Which warrants (much-deserved) celebrations and treats for our hard-working teachers. Both boys announced over dinner that they had volunteered items (for me) to donate. Therefore, a trip to Walmart was imperative before Thursday. I decided to bite the bullet and go right then, violating all my personal rules about not leaving the house on a weeknight unless I absolutely have to.

Fast forward to today, and a morning that I had perfectly planned out (in my mind), but just needed to execute. I was up and out of bed earlier than normal. I had plans, dammit! A crockpot meal that needed to be prepped. School lunches to be made. All while wearing workout clothes, because I wanted to drop the boys off at school, get gas for my car, and head in to the office to run on the treadmill before work...
The boys' provisions for Teacher Appreciation were rightfully secured in their respective Walmart bags and clutched in their hands.

We got alllllllllllll the way to the drop-off line before Middle realized he had forgotten his backpack. Seems that carrying those Walmart bags distracted him. (He's soooo airheaded like that.) So I dropped the other two off, and headed BACK HOME (running on fumes in my car) so he could grab his bag and we could once again trek to school (it was too late for me to rightfully punish him by making him take the bus by this time, unfortunately). THEN I had to fill my car. THEN I had to navigate my loooooong morning commute (over an hour) and THEN hit the gym.
It was one of those mornings where you feel like you've had a full day before your day actually starts.
That's pretty much how it has been lately, except all the time.

I actually had to make myself not hyperventilate as I wrote out our family calendar for May and into June--basically until school ends. Between baseball (town ball for Youngest and Middle with Hubby helping to coach them; middle school ball and travel team ball for Eldest), orthodontia, school projects, school functions, school trips, birthdays and parties and lionsandtigersandbearsohmy...

Hubby and I usually go away for a weekend in April every.single.year to celebrate our anniversary. Needless to say, that did not happen this year, for the first time in 17 years. He's been having some medical issues that necessitated 2 hospitalizations between February and April, and now a related surgery is on the agenda for late summer/early fall.

So no, there's no more fighting about naptimes. There are no potty accidents. Or (many) spills. Or temper tantrums.

There's homework. There are sports injuries. There's the constant mess that 1 teenager and 2 pre-teens make. There's negotiation about screen time and video game time. There are school projects. There are the social pressures.

You guys, I remember years and years ago when wiser women would see me with my three monkeys and casually remark to me, with a gleam in their eyes, "Enjoy this time. Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems."

I see it.

Although, I'm pretty sure we're in the "Medium kids, medium problems" phase of life right now.





Unknown said...

Great post, Sarah! This makes me wanna run upstairs and get in their beds and read Eric Carle one last time!

Shell said...

We're beginning to move toward this phase of life. There's always something to do, somewhere to be... usually 4 different places at once. It's pretty crazy. Though I have to say that I'm enjoying this phase more than I did the baby stage. It's busier but I'm less afraid a child will randomly dart out into traffic and the kids can be trusted to be alone for 5 minutes (maybe).

Katrina said...

I have children in all ages and stages of life (age two up to 25) and I know all too well how quickly they grow and how the "busy" in babyhood changes to a different kind of busy when they are older. For me, I still juggle the babyhood busy in with the older kind of busy, so it can be a bit tricky. What's cool is that now I have older kids, so it's a bit easier to run to the store really quick without having to pack all the kids up and take them with me. I can leave the older kids with the younger kids and usually I come home to find the house in a decent order. As long as everyone is still alive when I get back, I'm happy ;)


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