Friday, May 08, 2015

What I'm Loving - Spring 2015

It must be the gorgeous spring weather that is making me somewhat agreeable, because there are actually quite a bit of items I have to share with you!

Just boughtThis mascara. Sadly, I suffer from thin, sparse and stubby eyelashes. It's a condition. Pray for me. (And of course the 3 males who I birthed have GREAT eyelashes. Such a waste!) So I'm always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. This one seemingly thickens, lengthens AND curls (I still use an eyelash curler though). Thumbs up.

Binge-watching: Parenthood.  I know, I know. I'm about 6 years behind everyone else. (Just started Season 3!)  But there's something to be said about the luxury of watching numerous episodes in a row, don't you think? Plus I'm one of four children - 2 boys and 2 girls. This show is eerily familiar and similar to my own family dynamics. My Mom is also binge-watching. I texted her last week and said, "I'm so the character of the uptight attorney Julia, aren't I?!" To which she responded, "Yep."
Laughing atImpractical Jokers. Hubby and I just discovered this show last night. Our boys have been watching (and laughing) and the 2 of us would notice in passing and comment, "What the heck are you 3 watching?!" Finally, last night all 5 of us had the chance to watch together, and at first I assumed it was another one of the brain-dead shows they enjoy watching (think SpongeBob or Henry Danger) so I had my Kindle at the ready, but it was surprisingly hilarious.

DoingCrossfit. Again. I stopped doing it last summer, out of nothing but sheer laziness. I did.not.enjoy. waking at 5am when the boys were on summer vacation. I had no lunches to pack, no breakfasts to make, no children to yell at to get ready for school. It bought me at least another glorious hour of sleep. And once I stopped, well, it seemed like it would be super hard to go back. So I didn't. All through last summer, fall and winter, I was on a crossfit hiatus. (The current size of my gut and ass are indeed proof of that hiatus.) After my running mishap, I knew that once I was healed, I needed to do SOMETHING. I'm still a little gun shy to run, but I knew that if I took the MWF ass crack of dawn mornings that were kindly offered to me, I would be held accountable. I need that.

Wearing: Speaking of exercise, I'm a huDge fan of Sweaty Bands. They are the only hair accessory I have found that holds my hair back and doesn't slip. But an ad for these Hippie Runner headbands keep popping up on my Facebook feed and the price was right - $8 each and buy 3, get one free! Here's my Sis modeling the one I bought for her:


Reading: I use Goodreads religiously so my "to-read" shelf is chock-full. But every once in a while, I want someone to JUST TELL ME what book to Dancing on Broken Glass, the debut novel by author Ka Hancock, was a fabulous, tear-jerking, tissue-using, nose-blowing recommendation. You will finish this novel with a heavy heart, and you will understand what "dancing on broken glass" truly means to the characters in this novel.  *Sob*

Eating: A friend came over last weekend and brought this fabulous avocado dip that we all devoured. The guys even threw some on their burgers!

HAPPY SPRING 2015! Enjoy!

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Melanie said...

Hahaha...I need that tank!!!


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