Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Are you Victoria's Secret Bathing Suit Ready? The 2015 Edition!

As we all know and would like NOT to be reminded anytime soon...this winter was HORRID. And I mean horrid in the "I'd like to move now" "I need a vacation now" "I may kill someone now" sort of way.

Oh, and also the "Hell no, I'm not shaving anytime or anywhere because this hair is an extra layer" sort of way.


Pollen Spring is in the air and there is a ray of (sun)light ahead.

Time to get beach body ready, ladies!

And where else would you turn but Victoria's Secret for ever-so-practical beachwear?!

Vicky certainly hasn't let us down yet, has she?!

For Summer 2015:
 The 80's called - they'd like their mesh back.

Wonder what to do with your thumbs when you're wearing a bikini?  
Well, wonder no more!

I believe this style is called "The Sexy Diaper".

This suit doubles as a learning device for your preschooler during the long summer break.
Teach them how to tie!  (Cleavage not included.) who thought it would be a good idea to put that random cutout there?
It's not.

"Mommy, are you embarrassed because you look like a naked cavewoman?"

These bikini bottoms leave me speechless.  
(And her crotch looks weirdly photoshopped.)

Because those long unnecessary tassels swishing against your legs
wouldn't bother you AT ALL.  Especially if they're dripping wet.

"Henry, wait for me.  Momma's just gonna pop a squat right here, honey."

This one comes with detailed instructions for how to put it on without strangling yourself.

Lizzie finally figured out what to do with all her extra gold hoop earrings...

Happy Shopping!

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