Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You've Got a Friend

As I settle into my early 40's, I find myself becoming less and less interested in the superficialness of social interaction.

Meaning, I'm kind of picky and I like it that way.

At this stage of the game, I'm consciously making the choice to surround myself with women whom I'm comfortable around.

These women have actually known my husband longer than they have known me!  I first met all of them at one of their weddings.  I was Hubby's "plus one".  I'm so very thankful to have them.  Through multiple pregnancies (15 children between us!); the different stages of childrearing; the ups and downs of our marriages and parenting moments; and most recently, and sadly, facing the immortality of our own parents - these 5 gals are my backbone.  Since none of us live in the same town, I'm proud of the way we make time for each other.  To seize that 24 or 48 hours to reconnect.  To let down our hair.  To eat and drink, to laugh and cry.

I'm so lucky to have that.

And it helps that our children get along as well.  Heh.

 (This is one of my most favorite pics.)

That's another thing I've learned as I, and my boys, age.  You can't pick your kids' friends.  So it certainly helps when your son's bestie turns out to be your soulmate in friendship who lives in the same neighborhood.  Plus, your husbands are also good buddies.

Being able to watch Scandal together on a Friday night with pj's and slippers (and wine).  The comfortable silence of hanging out together, but reading magazines or books.  Sharing meals.  Sharing childcare. But most of all, sharing laughter and sarcasm and all of life's ups and downs without any pretenses, knowing that we always have each others' backs.  The Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey.

 I am so lucky to have that.

And then there's my Sis.  Who knows me better than anyone, aside from my husband.  Who has grown up with me and shared the same experiences.  Who I'm proud to not only call a sister, but a friend.  Someone who is stronger than I'll ever be.  Someone who has risen above numerous obstacles.  An awesome nurse.  A marathon runner.  And even though she still won't forgive me for pushing her down the cellar stairs, blindfolded, when we were kids (isn't that what big sisters do?  no?), we share an unbreakable sisterly connection.

I am so lucky.

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