Sunday, October 05, 2014


I can't believe we officially have a TEENAGER in the Trenches.

Son, it seems like just yesterday you made us parents for the very first time.

But you made it easy for us, with your mellow nature and laid-back attitude.   (Those big blue eyes!  That white-blonde hair!)

You became an awesome big brother.  A leader.  An example. 

Your Dad and I love your quick wit and your smooth sarcasm.  We love how you memorize funny movie lines.  We admire your dedication to sports.  We respect your quirks (you get that from Dad).

We are here to guide you as you continue on this path towards adulthood.  Being a teenager can be scary.  You will have to make tough choices--about friendships, about girls, about doing the right thing, about being kind to others.  We have faith in you.

Every once in a while, I glance over at you and see a flash of the man you will someday be.  Older, wiser, hairier, manlier.  Sometimes that essence of who you will become gets captured in a picture and I find myself breathless, knowing that someday (sooner than I would like), you will be that Grown Up Man.  Son, I see the Grown Up you in these pictures:

Just know, buddy, as you hit this milestone of officially being a teenager today, that Dad and I couldn't be prouder of the person you are.  Keep on leaping.

We love you.



Anonymous said...

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amanda said...

13?! just crazy. goes so darn fast.

happy birthday to you both!


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