Monday, October 27, 2014

That Time I Met Donnie and Jenny

Honestly, for the amount of bad blog pitches I get in my inbox in a day -

"Review and give away this set of hair bows!"  (I have boys.)

"Review this baby product!"  (I no longer have baby boys.)

"Write about this in exchange for a link!  Write about that in exchange for...nothing!  Tell your network to like our FB page!  Tweet out our information!"  (Ummmm, no.)

Every once in a while (the ratio is about 90% bad; 10% decent), something good comes my way.  Sometimes it's trips.  Sometimes it's getting to try good stuff.  And sometimes it's meeting famous people (three times!)

This was one of those times.

Especially because my entire family watches Wahlburgers and we are jonesing to hit up their burger joint in Hingham (but man, it's quite a hike from where we live in MA).

So this was an event for Canon - the PIXMA Pro City Senses interactive gallery.  In Boston.  My Sis (a die-hard NKOTB fan back in the day) and I made the trek into the city.

Touted as a "sensory photo exhibition", we were led through a series of stations that shared the featured photographers' visions of Boston through smell (barley/hops), hearing (a train station), taste (clam chowdah!) and touch (cobblestone).

My Sis and me 

Other fab Boston bloggers in attendance:  Lori, Nicole, Robin and Annmarie

And then we all eagerly awaited the arrival of the guest of honor - none other than Boston's own Donnie Wahlberg:

Dang, he's dapper.  And cute.  And funny.

 That'd be me:  front row, denim jacket, obnoxiously holding up cell phone.  Yup.

But newlywed Donnie wasn't alone.  Seems he brought his lovely new wife Jenny McCarthy as well! 

Jenny was super gracious and funny and gorgeous, not minding for a second the women who were flocking to her husband.  I totally liked that about her.  We had a moment.

Selfie that my new BFF Jenny took with my phone.

Blogging, man.  Some days it's a drag.  Some days/weeks my site languishes and I have to brush off the cobwebs.  Some days my inbox is chock full of annoying e-mails from clueless PR reps wasting my time.  But then there's stuff like this.  And all is right with my world again.

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