Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Navigating Napa--Our Lodging

Less than 2 weeks ago, Hubby and I were lucky to be able to spend 6 days and 5 nights in Napa, California for his annual conference.  And uh, there was no way (in hell) that he was gonna go without me.  You guys, it was AWE.SOME.

We had gotten a tip to fly into Oakland instead of San Francisco, as the airport traffic and highway traffic are easier to navigate out of Oakland.  This turned out to be a great decision, and one that I would recommend.  We heard horror stories from other conference-goers who got stuck in 3 hours of nightmare traffic trying to get to Napa from San Fran.  Yuck.  For us, it was smooth sailing.  It took a little over an hour once we were in our rental car to get to Napa.

We stayed at the Silverado Resort and Spa, which was practically right on the wine trail.  As in, there were wineries within walking distance.

There was a lot of maintenance, construction and beautification work going on while we were there, because they are getting ready to host a PGA Tour event.

Not on the PGA tour

We had our very own junior suite, complete with mini kitchen, fireplace, and patio.  Some of the units on the grounds at Silverado are individually owned condos, so you never know what room decor or layout you will get when you book.

The setup of the condos reminded us of our first apartment together in South Carolina.  Awwww!

 Tres romantique - him on his phone and me on mine...while the football game is on.

And our room was right next door to one of the pools!  This is what I did after my body was like THERE WILL BE NO MORE WINE FOR YOU

We were not in the downtown area (that drive took about 10-15 minutes) but for wine-consumption purposes, it was a perfect location.  The Silverado Trail was one street over!

Even before we left Napa, I was already (in my head) planning our trip back.  Perhaps in 5 years, for our 20 year anniversary?  But then Hubby reminded me that our boyz will be 18, 16 and 15 then.  OMG.

I'm so so so so lucky to have wonderful parents who came and stayed with the boyz while we were gone.  They did homework/packed lunches/made dinners/helped study for tests/football practices/football game/baseball doubleheader/groceries/laundry/taught them how to play rummy all with their usual humor and grace and LOVE.  

 My parents win

Think I can book them now for our trip to Napa in 2019? Heh.

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