Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer's End

You can feel it in the air.  A crispness.  The sense of anticipation.  The deliberate savoring of the last few lazy breaths of summer.

Here in New England, the wind-down has already begun, as the temperatures begin to dip at dusk and the sweatshirts are donned.

Backpacks are unburied.  School supplies are checked off the list.  Summer reading is done.  Or not.

School starts on Tuesday for us, and I am completely torn as to whether I want this to happen.  Not that there's anything I can do about it, but still.

The days when I telecommute and spend the majority of my hours listening to bickering, refereeing fights, saying no to ridiculous requests, mediating arguments and issuing orders for the thousandth time, I am SO READY for school to start.

The nights where I'm a short-order cook because everyone is rushing off to football and they all want something different to eat, I am SO READY for school to start.

The times when my Trenches are a complete mess because I have three children who are home alllll day, I am SO READY for school to start.

The moments when absolutely no one hears what I'm saying because their faces are buried in their electronic devices, I am SO READY for school to start.

And yet there will be much to miss about the relaxed ease of summer days and nights...



Camaraderie and laughs

 Lazy lego days


Fun with friends

 Spontaneous beach days


Beach baseball sunsets

Blissful moments of quiet


 Quality cousin time



And then there's the ice-cream-for-dinners; the "go to bed whenever you wants"; the swimming counts as a shower nights; the s'mores streaked faces with firepit-scented hair; barefoot feet; the pungent scent of chlorine; and the no-homework/no school lunches/no early wake-up mornings.  


Goodbye Summer 2014.  You sure were a good one.

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Amanda said...

Love. I really believe that this fall will be good. Don't know why, shouldn't really, but I do. So there!


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