Wednesday, July 02, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - Summer 2014

(Because who doesn't love The Sound of Music?)

Number 1 is this hand cream from Bath & Body Works.  It smells delish (like vanilla cupcake, but not too sicky sweet), goes on smooth, and lasts all day.  It's honestly the best lotion I have found in a long time!  (I use it on my arms and on the bottom of my feet too.)

Smashbox blush.  Sephora is a dangerous place, I know that.  I go in there and lose all my willpower and start buying wayyyyy too expensive makeup that I don't really need when I can just buy the Normal Everyday Brands (Covergirl, L'Oreal) at freaking' Wal-mart and look FINE.  But there's something in the air vents at Sephora.  I cross the threshold into the store and it's like I'm brainwashed and am a zombie looking for braaaaaaains.  "Bluuuush, I need new bluuuuush."  But honestly, this price point wasn't that bad (right??) and I feel like it will last me for a long time and I rully rully rully like the color (I got the Petal Pink). 

Next on my list is this Southwestern Black Bean salad dip.  (Psssst....are you following me on Pinterest?)  One (meaning me) could seriously eat this as a meal.  (I use a bag of frozen southwestern style corn and omit the chili powder.) I serve it with the whole grain Tostitos scoops chips and it has gotten rave reviews.  And most importantly?  It's WICKED easy to make.

Legos.  People love 'em and people hate (stepping on) 'em.  I feel like I go both ways with Legos as well.  When Middle was younger, at age 6 or 7, he had an interest and so we had a few sets around our Trenches.  But shortly thereafter, he tired of them and there they sat, all lonely, until I purged and got rid of ALL of them.  Fast forward to NOW.   Baby is into them.  Like - that's all he wanted for his birthday - into them.

And thus, I find myself once again with Legos allllll over my Trenches.  (Bad)  But but but he spends HOURS, I tell you, HOURS, building sets with nary a peep out of him.  (Good.  Very good.)  I guess I will suck it up.

Next up is TV-watching (of which I probably do too much of).  I absolutely loved Season 2 of Orange is the New Black!  There are so many possibilities for Season 3!  And I truly enjoyed the ending of Season 2.  I thought it was wrapped up nicely with a bow for us viewers.  I'm only now just starting to watch Scandal.  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who hasn't watched yet??)  Kerry Washington does something weird with her mouth when she talks (is it over-enunciating?) but other than that, I dig it.  And of course there's my summer pleasure, Big Brother.  Oh, and all the new Bravo shows that start in July.  My DVR is working overtime.

Next up on my list of faves is this pair of shoes from Charming Charlie.  I actually bought them super-early in the season back when it was still winter here (as in, the entire month of April).  You guys, even though they might look kinda tortuous, they totally aren't!  I think wedge heels are very comfy and flattering.  The criss-cross straps on these are elastic so they fit my narrow foot really well.  If you like wedges, I highly recommend these - and who would've thunk that Charming Charlie would have great shoes, as well as stylish and cheap jewelry!

Ok, so grocery shopping isn't one of my favorite things but this is a new favorite discovery:  Market Basket.  I know it's probably local to my area but holy cow - do you have one of these?  For YEARS, people in my town have been swearing by this store for groceries.  Yet I stubbornly continued to do my one-stop-shopping at our cruddy Super Wal-mart.  (We also go to BJ's for paper products and meats, and I get my produce elsewhere because the Wal-mart produce is horrid.)  (So uh, yeah, it wasn't really one-stop-shopping.)  But I have an aversion to learning the setup of a new grocery store.  I hate not knowing where things are.  And I don't want to drive any further than I have to.  But after much peer pressure (Laurie!), I decided to give it a shot, and OMG I cannot believe how CHEAP this grocery store is!  I'm easily saving 10-15% more.  Wal-mart, you are dead to me...unless I need tampons and/or cheap makeup (see above).

And finally, it wouldn't be summer without a fun summer drink!  I'm always up for trying (and experimenting) (which sometimes leads to trouble because taste-testing a bunch of different alcohol recipes = whoops) (again, Laurie!) but this flavor of vodka (Red Berry) mixed with Sprite Zero has become my go-to cold and fizzy and refreshing summer drink.

Cheers and Happy Summer!

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