Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Middle is TEN!

Dear Middle,

Today you turn double-digits!  From a nonstop-crying infant, you transformed into a totally messy baby with sticky-up hair, to an early walker, to a BIG BROTHER, all during your first 12-1/2 months!
 You never ever had a clean face or outfit, even though I tried.
Standing and walking around the furniture at a mere 6-1/2 months old.  Crazy!

Licking your new baby brother.

We love your crazy faces and sounds.  Toothbrushing takes you twice as long because you can't stop yourself from making new faces in the mirror - every time.

Your favorite shows are American Idol, America's Got Talent, and all the Nickelodeon shows.  You know all the words to every song out there, but won't let me record you singing anymore.  But you did belt your little heart out at your chorus performance in front of the entire audience! 

Basketball is your favorite sport, the LA Clippers are your favorite team, and you want to be the next Blake Griffin when you grow up.  Like seriously, that's your goal.  We're not gonna burst your bubble on that one quite yet.

You adore amusement parks and love to go on all the fast, high and spinny rides. 

You are an awesome baseball pitcher.  

Your favorite foods are grilled chicken, Moe's burritos, and ribs.

Vanilla ice cream is your favorite dessert.

You have great hair.

You love having pajama days on the weekends, especially in the fall when you can sit and watch NFL Red Zone alllll day.  The 49ers are your favorite football team.

Spiderman is your favorite character.  It's one of your deep bonds with Aunt Kate. 

You are our resident airhead.  (It's the artist in you.)  Daddy and I wish we could see what you're thinking sometimes because you are so random and easily distracted.  On that note, you're also the family slowpoke.

We love your caring and sensitive side.  You are a giver and a peacemaker.

You are our Middle and we wouldn't have you any other way.

This morning

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amanda said...

happy happy birthday middle!!

(i miss his singing!)


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