Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Golden Egg

A big tradition in our Trenches is the annual Easter egg hunt.  Although it's nothing fancy, there is definitely some healthy competition to find plastic Easter eggs filled with candy.  And candy is fun, sure, but the most important egg to find is the Golden Egg containing a coveted $20 bill.

I think we adults have more fun than the kids.  Trying to find the best places to hide the eggs.  Watching them search.  Laughing when someone always cries. And of course, finding the toughest spot to hide the special Golden Egg.

This Easter was no different.  Although the cousins participating may change from year to year, the spirit of competition was alive and cutthroat well.



This year we hosted my parents and my nephew Luis, who just turned 7 and at times seems a bit overwhelmed by the chaos that is my household and my boyz.  But he's learning pretty quick.  (Sink or swim, kiddo!)

Lining up for the start of the hunt...

Anyway, we managed to hide 36 eggs all over the place.  And the Golden Egg?  Well, that was super-hidden in the plastic bin where the boys store all their sporting equipment on the side of the garage.  I swear, Eldest and Baby must have lifted the lid on that thing at least 2 times each, in search of the elusive special egg.  

Finally, after numerous vague hints and clues, all 4 of them honed in on the bin.

And look who found it!

Yay Luis!  The 2014 winner!

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