Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Busy Spring

I don't know why I titled it that.  It's not like every other season isn't just as busy...yet somehow our May calendar is already jam-packed with sports, school activities, work trips, field trips, and VACATION (hallelujah!) (18 more days!) (I'm totally counting down!)

Baseball season has started.  The boyz usually have 2 games a week, plus a game on Saturday.

And the weather here?  BLOWS.  Sometimes literally.  It has been SO cold and SO windy.  You'd think it was mid-November, not early May.  My car trunk is full of blankets and cold weather gear.  I still haven't even retired my UGG boots for the season.  It's painful to sit through the 6 inning games.  I promise to not complain about the heat (if it ever comes to New England).  You can hold me to that.

And then there's lacrosse, which Baby is also playing.  Thankfully he has only one practice a week and a game every Sunday.

And I'm playing another session of indoor soccer, so I have a game every Monday night.

But did I mention vacation?

That one week off is like a SHINING BEACON in the middle of our May calendar.

Myrtle Beach, here we come again.

18 more days...

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