Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Staying at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort & Water Park

As a Christmas present to my boys from my Sis, she and I conspired and came up with a cool idea:  We'd take the boys out of school and head to an indoor waterpark for a night.  Just us.  Me, her and the boys.

We aren't indoor waterpark rookies, by any means.  We've done Coco Keys.  And we've done the Cape Codder in Hyannis, MA.  But this time, we were headed to the New Hampshire mountains to stay at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort & Water Park.  Why?  Because there was a good Groupon for it!

Basically, we got an AWESOME deal - an overnight stay in a family loft room with 4 waterpark passes.  And that wasn't even the best part.  The best part was that it was a SCHOOL NIGHT on the day after a winter storm, so the place was pretty much empty.  A mother's dream.  No other annoying children (besides my own, that is).
The loft hotel room was a huDge hit!

Not only was there a king bed, plus the twin beds in the loft area, there was ANOTHER room with double bed.  All the bedrooms had their own tv.  Score!

The main attraction for my boys wasn't the waterslides - although they did go down those plenty.  (There are 4 big waterslides.)  They absolutely loved the grotto-like area with the 4 basketball hoops!

I will spare you the videos they insisted I shoot of each of them standing on the side of the pool and heaving the ball into the basket.  There were manymanymany outtakes until each one scored.  Hey, it kept me busy and kept my mind off the fact that I was MELTING in that steamy pool area. 

And no, neither my Sis nor I brought our bathing suits because it's winter and would've involved a full-on shavedown which who has the time?

The 25-seater hot tub was also a big draw.

And hey, did I mention it was like a ghost town on that Thursday night - Friday morning?

Hey, where is everybody?

So we pretty much had the run of the place.  Which was AWESOME.

I suck at air hockey.  The boys and my Sis do not.

I would highly recommend this place for those of you with older children.  My boys were never bored.  The waterpark wasn't babyish (although they did have a great toddler area as well).  And while the hotel rooms seem a bit old, decor-wise, the family loft room had excellent space for the 5 of us to spread out so that we didn't feel confined when we were all in the room.

Also:  Make sure your children shower immediately after they get out of the water - every single time.  I didn't because wheeeee!  Vacation!  And all 3 of the boys ended up with random red rashes on their skin that lasted a day - I'm assuming from the chemicals (and not lack thereof because there was a guy in there the entire time testing and tinkering with the water).  And with that,  I've just come up with my new band name - Random Red Rashes.

I would also highly recommend being a slacker parent such as me and taking your children out of school for an adventure such as this.  No lines!  No waiting!  No screaming banshee children! (Again, other than your own.)

We can't wait to go back.

[This is not a sponsored post in any way.  We went on our own dime(s).]

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