Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Spoiler: I Stayed)

In November, a job opportunity fell into my lap.  It was one of those random out-of-the-blue questions from my pre-kids/Boston law firm working days:  "Hey, I know someone looking for a paralegal in your neck of the woods.  Can I give him your name?"  I shrugged and said sure, because even though I wasn't necessarily looking, it is always a good idea to hear what's available out there.

And that turned into an e-mail introduction.

Which turned into a legit 3-hour interview at the company.

It sounded like a good fit for me.  I'd be learning a new type of law, coming up with my own systems and processes for doing things, working with a lot of autonomy, and being able to grow and develop.  The pay increase was minimal (less than $5,000/year more), but it wasn't a pay cut.

So around the holidays, I was basically in limbo.  Would I hear from the new company?  Did I even *want* a new job?  What about all I had accomplished in 4+ years where I was?  Was I willing to walk away from all that to start over?

The holidays came and went with no word.  Which I figured, it being the holidays.

And then, sure enough, I got word that first full week of January.  The job was mine if I wanted it.

I waited for the official offer letter to come, and once I received it, I made my decision.

I told my boss, and my boss's boss on a Friday.  I had accepted a position elsewhere.  My last day would be January 31st.

But then came the curveball.

After the weekend, when I came back into work on Monday, I received a counteroffer to stay from my company.  I felt flattered.  And appreciated.  And understood that some higher-ups had stuck their necks out for me.  Because they honestly didn't want me to leave.

It was a decision I really needed to think about. 

Should I walk away from a 4-year position that I built and honed?  Should I leave my great co-workers and clients?  Should I take a chance on something new?  What if it wasn't what I expected?  

So I went with the Sure Thing.  I stayed.

Today, looking back, I know I made the right decision.  I have renewed energy for my job.  I'm determined to get shit done.  I feel appreciated, which in turn makes me want to work harder and better.

It's all good.

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Chaotic Joy said...

Last year I tried to quit my job because some things with the schedule were just not working for my family. Specifically there was too much work from home for the little bit I made. I love, love, love my job and it was killing me to leave but I had to make the best decision for my family. When I talked to my boss about it she bent over backwards to make provisions so I could work less at home and not have to leave my job. Just knowing that she valued me enough to make some exceptions to policy for me was huge. I too feel a renewed energy for my job and a loyalty I didn't feel before. There's a lesson here to be learned, I think. Congrats to you, it really is good to be wanted.


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