Friday, January 31, 2014

11 x 4

Hubby's birthday (number 44!) came and went.  I meant to blog about it and profess my undying love to him the Friday before.  But ooops.  Didn't happen.

Then I meant to post about it the Monday after.  Ummm, ooops again?

I figured it was No Big Deal, because like he always says in reference to his birthday..."It's just another day."

Ok then.

But soon after, I started getting e-mails while at work.  Passive-aggressive ones that noted that hmmmm, there was no mention of him and his special day on my blog.

Ok then.

Honestly, I truly meant to write him a sweet birthday post.  But then there was some career turmoil and up-in-the-air-ness.  (More on that later.)

And then there was an incident involving stitches.  (More on that later.)

And work was busybusybusy.

The words and the free time just wouldn't come.

So here we are...13 days past Hubby's special day.

Hi, dear.

Your 44th birthday was spent pretty quietly, just the way you requested. It snowed that day, so you were able to guilt sweet-talk the 3 boyz into shoveling the driveway for you, while we sat indoors and marveled that finally finally! they could actually be used for cheap child labor put to good use...

We went to Texas Roadhouse to dinner with your parents, and came back to the Trenches for dessert.  Continuing the celebration into the next day, we had some friends over to watch the (terrible) Patriots game and to eat all the leftover birthday cake and cheesecake.

But those details aren't what's important.

What IS important is that you are so very loved.  As a father, and as a husband, and as an all-around Good Guy.

Your boyz adore you.  I adore you.  The children you coach admire you.  Parents in our community respect you.

And you make fine looking kids

You are the Red Sox to my Yankees.  The merlot to my pinot grigio.  The veal parm to my eggplant parm.

And you never take a serious picture

Here's to many many more years of celebrating birthdays together.  Even when we're old and gray.  And shuffling along holding hands together on the beach.


I love you, you big goofball.

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