Monday, December 02, 2013


It was a wonderful few days filled with family and laughter.

My parents, along with my new sister-in-law and her son, arrived a day ahead of schedule to beat the bad weather on Wednesday.  So our Trenches were full on Tuesday night.

They brought Pictionary Jr. and oh, the laughs.

 His pen doesn't work without the tongue, I swear.

Thanksgiving morn dawned clear and bright.  Perfect for a 5-mile jaunt crawl.

Then it was back home to STUDY!!!

It was my sister-in-law's inaugural Black Friday experience.  We decided to not scare her and be hard-core and to instead awake for 7am shopping.  Much to our surprise, it wasn't that crowded at ALL.  We, uh, got a lot done:

But I digress.

Thanksgiving was a day for family time.  And neckties.  And more Pictionary Jr.  And of course, turkey.  And pies.  *burp*

We were able to Skype with my brother in Afghanistan, so that was good.  He is 9-1/2 hours ahead of us there, so his Thanksgiving was over and he was going to bed with a belly full of turkey as well.  Thankful for that.

The boyz played fabulously with their cousin Luis.

I enjoyed spending time with my sister-in-law Bianca and getting to know (and love) her even more.

My Sis and Niece are both doing well.  It has been a long haul for them.  Thankful for my Sis's tenacity and humor and heart.

Saturday was a day of catching up (MOUNT ST. LAUNDRY) and getting things back in order and decorated for Christmas.  I was sad that no one wanted to help (what's up with that??), but I daresay I did a pretty good job *sigh* alllllllll alone in my houseful of not-interested-in-decorating males.

And then came Sunday.  The final day of the long weekend.  A day to rest and relax, right?  Nope.  'Twas the start of basketball season.  First travel-team games for Middle and Eldest.

They both came away with wins.

AND THEN it was time to rest.

Thanksgiving 2013.  Over and done.  Boom.

But wait.  What happens next?

Crap.  21 more days of this.

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