Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The End of an Era - A Furniture Love Story

I'm normally not one to get sentimental about objects.


I kinda am about this.

You see, we've had the same floral couch and plaid oversized chair and ottoman since 2000.  It went from our condo, when we were a newly married husband and wife, to our home where Eldest, Middle and Baby have lived their entire lives.

But now, we are getting ready to do some rearranging in the Trenches.  We spend most of our family time in our sunroom.  A new leather sectional is being delivered on Friday for the sunroom.  (And the new humongous tv has already been installed.  First thing.  Because that's what's important.  So says every sports-loving husband, right?)  Therefore, the sunroom couch is going into the living room.  And the floral living room couch and plaid oversized chair/ottoman is dunzo. 

All this Rearranging and Buying New Things is certainly not anything fancy, lest you think we're movin' on up.  Hardly. Hello, I have 3 boys.  Which equals:  I can't have nice things until they are gone.  Amen.

So yes, the (soon to be old) living room couch is dated.  But comfy.

Yes, I'm sick of the pattern.  But damn, it's comfy.

And yes, the edges of the furniture are fraying.  But did I mention how comfy it is?

Along with the couch and the chair, we are also getting rid of the tv armoire in the living room.  The armoire, coffee table (pictured) and side table were a set that my parents bought us for our wedding.  We had it in our first apartment together in South Carolina.

Last night, I started to clean up the living room, in anticipation of the new furniture arriving and the rearranging we'll be doing.  As I cleaned under those (filthy and crumb-filled) couch cushions and emptied the (dusty) armoire drawers, I wondered why I didn't clean in there more often because it was really gross got a bit sentimental.

Bye bye old furniture where we laid our heads and bodies.  Snuggled.  Cuddled.  Slept.

You served your time.  And served us well.


Classy Fab Sarah said...

This makes me tear up a little bit! I've actually been thinking about this lately - although in reverse, actually. We are waiting on some of that newlywed furniture to arrive, and I've often wondered what moves and phases of life it will travel through with us.

Cheers for new furniture!

Cheryl Lage said...

Sarah, you make me feel better about my sentimentality for inanimate objects!

Wishing you memories of cushy couches and future fun furniture!

(Linking you up to Way Back When-esday with this post...it's too perfectly matched not to hare! Hope you don't mind...hope you're well!)

amanda said...

i can only half read this bc for some reason everything is making me cry lately!! so can i just say oh m gee look at that thumb sucking little?!?! where did he go mama??


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