Saturday, October 05, 2013

TWELVE! (Holy Crap)

Dear Eldest,

It's hard to believe that today you are TWELVE.  Daddy and I had no idea what to expect as we drove to the hospital after my water broke at 5am early that October 4th morning in 2001.  Your Dad kept joking about how your birthdate would be 10-4, as in "10-4, good buddy" walkie-talkie lingo.  Little did we know that you would hang on and not grace us with your presence until almost NOON on October 5th.  Oh, and I was certain that you would be a baby girl named Lydia!  But there you were.  A boy.  Our boy.  Our son.

And for almost 3 years, you were the only one.  You had our undivided attention.  You were easygoing, brilliant (of course we thought that), and so much fun!

When your two brothers came along, you totally fit into the role of Big Brother.  You still do.  You are the Rule Follower and the Rule Enforcer in the Trenches.  You set a great example for your siblings.

You make us laugh with your quick wit and sarcasm, especially at the dinner table.

Your sports knowledge is scary.  I'd complain that I wish you knew your studies as well as you know your sports stats, but you actually do.

It's hard to believe that our little buddy has gone from this...

To this:

Thank you for still holding my hand, even in public.  Thank you for the nightly bedtime kisses.  Thank you for the random hugs.  I hope you never stop, even when you're 16 and zitty and hormonal.

Most of all, thank you for making us parents. 

We want only the best for you.  It can be yours.  Go get it.  Today you are TWELVE!


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Laura Whitfield said...

Happy Birthday to your biggest little man!


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