Tuesday, October 01, 2013

So I Took My Sister to a Crossfit Class...

 It's not a secret that my younger (and only) sister and I are competitive, in that sibling rivalry kind of way.

Cleaning:  Her = a neat freak who actually enjoys vacuuming;  Me = notsomuch.  She's been known to remark, "You know, you could feed a small country off the debris on your floor..."  WHATEVER.  She wins.

Cooking:  I win.  Hands down.  Ask her about her homemade coleslaw.

Soccer:  She was alwayyyyys better at soccer than me. She wins.

Running:  I'm usually in better shape at the beginning of running season each spring, but after I kick her ass for that first time, she usually never lets me outrun her again.  I will definitely concede running to her.

But then, there's crossfit.  Something I've been doing that she has never done.  It's kinda My Thing.

Saturday morning, I picked up my Sis in town at the auto shop so she could get 4 new tires.  I was on my way to a 9am crossfit class.  She said she'd come to check it out, and then head out for a long run from there.  I have been wanting her to try it, because I know she'd like it.  But she thought it didn't make sense to try now and get really sore in the middle of her half marathon training. 

When we got to class, there were only 2 guy participants.  And me.  And my Sis shrugged her shoulders and said, "Ok, I'll try."  Yay!  The workout that day was TABATA, and it seemed to be mostly upper body.  Pretty do-able.

She did it!   I knew it wasn't a good sign, though, when she immediately starting gimping down the driveway to the car. 

And then it all went downhill when she made me stop the car so she could puke.

Rut roh.

Granted, she's a puker.  She tends to puke after long runs.  And apparently she pukes after hard first-time crossfit workouts. 

I made sure I was very kind to her (meaning not picking on her too much) all the rest of Saturday.  We had a great day of shopping and laughing and just getting to hang out together.

Sunday, I texted:

Me:  How ya feeling?
Her:  Have to lay like I'm in a coffin.  Legs straight out, arms slightly bent resting on my stomach.  No moving or I cry...

Me (later that day):  You upright and mobile yet?
Her:  Ugh...apple picking.  Am grabbing all the stunted tiny apples and they are STILL HEAVY.  Cursing you with every step! Did we do sit-ups and I repressed them?  Cuz even my abs are sore!
Me:  Huh.  I'm totally fine.
Her:  I hate you.
Me:  I love you.

Then, Monday morning:

Her:  Day 2 is the worst, check.
Me:  Oh. I already did another class at 5:15am and have 8:00 soccer tonight.
Her:  I'd punch you right in the mouth IF I COULD LIFT MY ARM.

More texts later...

Her:  Sneezes (then cries), has child scratch itch on neck (then cries because she CAN'T).
Her:  Dinner time.  Cries because she hasn't been able to eat all day.  Can't lift fork to mouth.
Me:  It's that bad?  My instructor was wondering whether you hated him now.
Her:  Not me.  Full of love and well wishes for you both.  #sarcasm

 And then she texted me this picture.

Um, I think I'm in BIG TROUBLE with her.

But I WIN at crossfit.

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