Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Family Vacation That Actually Didn't Interfere With Baseball

I'd consider us a fairly social family.  That is, when we're not at one of the boys' sporting events, we are usually hanging out with friends on the weekends--either entertaining others in our Trenches, or going to another family's house.

Which leaves very little down time.

And sometimes?  You just need a break, you know?  Moreso me than any other member of my family, it seems.  The boys and Hubby are very social.   But there's some nights I just want to sit ALONE in my pj's and NOT TALK.  And not be around other people.  And not go out.  And not entertain.

So by the end of this summer?

I was spent.

Especially after two crazy All-Star baseball seasons and a summer that was go go go.

When we decided not to do our annual Cape Cod vacation, it was sad and disappointing.  But there was just NO WAY to squeeze it in.  We were actually planning on not doing ANYTHING all summer, and then hopefully going somewhere after football season in the fall/winter.

But Myrtle Beach, our family Happy Place, beckoned.

And we heeded its call.

My only stipulation was that we NOT DRIVE the 14 hours to get there.  Momma needed to fly.

So we did.
At the airport for our 5am flight

This was the first year we've gone with *only* the 5 of us.  Usually we have shared the trip with grandparents, which is nice company (and free babysitting for us!)  This time though, we were flying solo.

The vacation was all that we wanted (except, of course, not nearly long enough):

It was relaxing...

It was fun and silly....

And it was all about making family memories to cherish...

We can't wait to go back.


Laura Whitfield said...

Great photos! Looks likes time well spent.

Ashley said...


We skipped our annual beach vacay and went the route of road trip through Texas, NM, and Colorado. When I say we, I mean me and the kids. The hubby stayed home to work. I drank a lot of wine. Just saying.


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