Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today, You are Nine

Dear Middle,

Nine years ago today, at 8:14 a.m., you arrived in this world, screaming.

And you screamed for the first.six.months of your little life.  But then, all of a sudden?  You totally grew out of it.

And the world became a brighter place for our little family.

Smiling.  Finally.

You put the wacky in our Trenches, my little man.  Without you, there would be less dinnertime antics and belly laughs, less singing, less creating...just less.

It takes you 15 minutes to brush your teeth because you like to stand in the mirror and make funny faces.

You know all the lyrics to all of the songs.  And you sing.  Loudly and proudly.

You are our pokey one.  Our turtle.  The one we need to give a headstart to get out the door.  And even then, sometimes, you forget to put on your shoes.

We tend to underestimate you, Middle, and both Mommy and Daddy apologize for that.  You definitely hold your own with sports.  You had a phenomenal football season, making tackles and running for touchdowns.  You play great basketball, and always write that you want to be an NBA player when you grow up.  This spring, you were one of the youngest in your baseball league, and you made All-Stars!

Weighing in at a whopping 52 pounds, you are scrawny and bony.  You like what you like when it comes to food.  No fruit will ever touch your lips, and you swear that just the smell of strawberries makes you want to throw up.  But all vegetables are fair game.  And you would live on pasta.  And plain vanilla ice cream.

This past weekend, you and Daddy got to have a Boys' Weekend with just the two of you.  It was much needed, as you and Daddy rarely spend alone time together.  I'm pretty sure you had a blast on your very first trip to Fenway Park:

Daddy texted me from the game that you were on the jumbotron waving!

So here's to your ninth year, buddy.  Here's to more sports awesomeness, more singing, more artwork masterpieces, more joy, more laughter.

More you.



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