Thursday, June 27, 2013

So I Bought a Bikini

The very first time I remember wearing a bikini was the summer of probably 1988.  I was going into 10th grade. That bandeau top bikini was made by Ocean Pacific (naturally--it was the 80's) and was floral and animal print.  The top barely stayed up.  That was back when my upper thighs didn't touch.

The very last time I remember wearing a bikini was the summer of 2000.  It was the summer before I got pregnant.  My bikini of choice those days was J. Crew.  I don't ever remember liking my body, but man I could kick my own ass now for even daring to be dissatisfied with my body back then, pre-children.

Ever since I had Eldest (and then Middle) (and then Baby) (all 3 in less than 4 years) (all 3 via c-section), I have pretty much been super modest when it comes to bathing suit attire.  I mean, really.  I wouldn't want to scare people, you know?  I've done the 2 piece with swim shorts.  I've done the swim skirts.  I've done the tankinis.  All mostly Land's End brand.  The mom bathing suit.

One (heavy) summer, I declared it the Year of the Coverup.  I didn't buy any new bathing suits, but instead, only ventured out on the sand sporting cute coverup skirts and dresses.

This summer, I haven't yet put on a bathing suit more than once so far.  I'm not at my heaviest, but I'm not at the thinnest fittest I could be either.

So that leads me to yesterday.

I had a $20 Old Navy coupon burning a hole in my wallet and it was the last day I could use it.

Wait, I better backtrack again.

So I haven't been running at all, but have been steadily doing crossfit since March.  Some weeks I go more than others.  Some weeks I feel stronger than others.  Some weeks I just don't feel it at all.

And my eating, lately, has been bad.  I did a 7-day detox and was greatly successful (for me).  I've since yo-yo'd around with my eating habits and can't seem to get back on track with the paleo-friendly/less dairy/less sugar/less ALL THE PROCESSED THINGS way I should be eating.  Because Doritos.

Yesterday's lunch, mind you, was chicken enchiladas from my work cafeteria.  With black beans, corn, and sour cream. 

AND THEN I went to Old Navy.

So it wasn't like I walked in there, feeling fit and trim and on the hunt for a skimpy bathing suit. 

Um, not at all.

And Old Navy?  A place I feel like I have to buy 2 sizes up because everything clings?? (Here's a weird quirk about me that I bet you never knew - I don't like my clothes to actually touch me. Yuck.)

So an alien must've taken over my body, because I actually looked at the bathing suits there.  And was pleasantly surprised.  And was even more surprised that my arm reached out to pull one off the rack to try on. 

When I got in the dressing room, I must've still been in this fugue state because the bathing suit?  Wasn't a one piece.  'Twas a bikini.

But try it on, I did.  Without gagging.

And for the low, low clearance price of $10, I'm now the proud owner of my first bikini in THIRTEEN YEARS.  Which is totally a bargain, even if I only wear it once.  In the dark.  By myself.

(Which will probably be the case.)


amanda said...

worth every penny.

you know for wearing it in the dark!


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Super cute!!! You can totally rock it!!

Jodie Gildea Lenti said...

I'm taking your pic in it at some point this summer!

Angella said...

Way to go! I only wear a bikini if I'm in Mexico. :)


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