Friday, June 21, 2013

Confession Time

Confession #1:  I posted on Facebook yesterday that I kinda have a crush on Jase from Duck Dynasty.  There's something about his voice and his southern accent that I would call "strangely sexy".  Apparently I'm not alone based on the amount of likes and comments that it garnered.  (Related:  one of these days, I'm gonna do a post on all the guys I find Strangely Sexy.  It's a real thing, yo.  See also:  Harry Connick, Jr.)

Yup, strangely sexy.

Confession #2:  I have been stuck on Level 147 in Candy Crush for FAR too long.

Confession #3:  I think this video (Channing (all over your) Tatum!) is completely and utterly hilarious and I *perhaps* have been singing this (totally inappropriate) song for 2 straight days now.  And Channing Tatum?  Is so not Strangely Sexy.  He's Sexay Sexay.  Two words:  Magic. Mike.

Confession #4:  My kid sings Macklemore better than your kid:

Confession #5:  Today is the last day of school!!!  I'm happy that my boyz can stay up late, go to bed dirty and sleep in in the mornings.  Actually, who am I kidding?  I'm happy that I don't have to pack lunches, check backpacks, help with school projects, and sign mandatory reading sheets.  But man, I'm bummed that there will be KIDS IN MY HOUSE all the livelong day during the week.  I like that I can (somewhat) manage to keep my Trenches *surface clean* during the school year (WHEN THE HOUSE IS EMPTY ALL DAY), but summertime?  It's a losing battle.  When do they go back again?


Amanda said...

I love this post! Perfect!

amanda said...

love your singing boy!


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