Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Milestone

I'm normally not one to get all Sunrise-y Sunset-y and weepy or sentimental when it comes to milestones and the passing of time.  I mean, time passes.  Years pass.  The kids grow up.  Where there once were cribs and diapers and strollers and sippy cups, there are now (way too many) sneakers and sports balls and baseball hats and electronics.  I have always said that the days seem to crawl, but the years fly.

And I've never really focused on it too much.  Onward and upward!

But something struck me this past weekend.  Something minor.  Something relatively inconsequential, but it caused me to pause.  And to look back and remember.  And to reminisce.  And to get kinda sad, actually.


A simple trip to the outlets on our way back from upstate NY.

I had Eldest and Baby with me.  I needed wanted some new J.Crew flipflops.  But I knew the only way I'd be able to shop with the two of them would be through bribery.  (Hey, you gotta do what works.)  Conveniently enough, the Under Armour store was directly across from J.Crew, and the Nike store was right around the corner.  Win-win.

So you know how when you go outlet shopping, there are a TON of kids' clothing stores?  Stores like Carters, and Oshgosh and Children's Place and Gymboree...

...and it hit me that I am totally DONE shopping in those stores.  Do you KNOW how many hours I logged in those places when the boyz were younger?!

But now, I have an almost 12-year old, a newly 9-year old, and a practically 8-year old.  Who are all wearing "big kid" sizes, like small, medium and large.  Who only want to wear sports clothing, like name brand tee shirts and mesh shorts.  And Nike Elite socks.  (Which is another whole blog post coming soon.  $14 for a pair of socks?  Please just write SUCKER on my forehead, oh wise Nike marketers.)

Gone are the days of  *me* picking out their clothes and dressing them.  Gone are the days of *my* fashion choices for them.  Gone are the days of cute matchy matchy clothing featuring bears.  Or trucks.  Or alligators.  Or frogs.  Whimsical swim trunks.  Little boy sandals.  Preppy collared shirts. 



He made me to take this pic of him in the Nike outlet (notice the name brand tee shirt he's sporting and the $14 pair of socks he's got in his grubby paws) standing next to a poster of his favorite Cardinals player.

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Kyla said...

I have a 13 year old son. Those socks are going to be the death of me! Now he has decided that he needs shoes to match the socks!


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