Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blog Every Day in May Challenge

The writing wheels (in my head) are becoming dusty.  Used to be, back in the days of yore when "blogging" was much more storytelling, much less commercialized, and much more interactive through blog comments, I had manymanymany ideas buzzing in my brain about what to write about.  And I ALWAYS got my best ideas while blow-drying my hair.  True story.

But these days?  Notsomuch.  It's so much easier to type a quick Facebook blurb (and then see that friends have "liked" that blurb within 3 seconds of my posting it) or a 140 character tweet.

Thus, the dusty (and rusty) writing skillz of mine. 

SO, I'm going to try to commit to this Blog Every Day in May Writing Challenge.

*wipes cobwebs off keyboard, throws shoulders back and takes a deep breath*

May 1, 2013:  The Story of My Life in 250 Words or Less

My name is Sarah Elizabeth. I was named for my father's grandmother Sarah, which means "princess."  (It fits.)  I grew up in rural southwest NY state, the oldest of 4 children, and graduated valedictorian from a class of 80 students.  I attended 4 years of liberal arts college on one of the NY Finger Lakes and graduated with a B.A. in psychology, which basically qualified me to ask, "Do you want fries with that?"  After spending the winter trimester of my senior year in Australia, I knew I NEVER wanted to live in a cold climate again, so I moved down south to Charlotte, NC during the fall after I graduated.  With my college boyfriend.  At that time, I was working as a secretary/receptionist for a law firm during the day and attending paralegal classes at night (while my then-fianc√© was cheating on me).  So obviously that relationship didn't work out.  I moved on with my love life, but stayed put with my career, and have been a corporate paralegal since 1997.  In the fall of 1998, I met my then-husband, a transplanted Bostonian who was working for a bank down south.  (He's still in banking.)  We met in Charlotte, NC; he got transferred to Charleston, SC; we got engaged after 1-year of dating; got married in NC; then after the wedding I moved in with him in SC; and 3 months later we ended up in MA. Confusing, right?  We've been in MA ever since, and are now raising 3 boys with humor, chaos and sarcasm.

252 words.  So close.


Classy Fab Sarah said...

You did better than I did - I had 350 words!

Lex - @laprimera said...

I didn't know the blog every day in May was aTHING. But I happen to be doing it too! cool!


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