Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Piece of Advice

Today's writing challenge stumped me a little at first.  Who am I to give advice?  About what?

And then I thought about what's facing me/us these next few days. 

As I mentioned before, Hubby is having surgery to replace a herniated disc in his neck.  It's tomorrow.

Both of us have been frantically trying to get our "ducks in a row".  Him with work, bill-paying, and general house stuff.  Me with planning ahead and making arrangements for the boyz, knowing that Hubby will be down and out for at least 2 weeks.

What I've realized through all this?

I'm happy to be living where we live.  In the community in which we live.  I can't even tell you how touching it has been to have so many people reaching out with offers to help.

My advice?

Reach out to others.  Get to know the people in your community.  Make friends.  

Yes, it may take awhile.  Yes, it may be hard.  Yes, it may not be your natural inclination.

It certainly wasn't mine.  I fought it for a long time.  My attitude was that of "I already have friends.  I don't need any new ones."  And I acted like that.  For a long time.  Meanwhile, my husband knew everyone and everyone knew him.

But certainly having children helps.  It makes it easier to get out there.  To mingle.  To connect.

I can't even tell you how far I've come.  From being that mom with the kindergartener and 2 babies in the jog stroller, who didn't know anyone or even care to know anyone on the sidelines of the football field, to now having actual close girlfriends in town, with whom I've laughed, cried, drank, and bitched....sometimes all at once.

Neighborhood friends; football friends; baseball friends; crossfit friends; soccer friends.  All these relationships started by chance meetings and lighthearted conversations, and have become so.much.more.

I'm happy I chose to reach out.  I can't imagine not knowing the kind, hilarious, sarcastic, witty and wonderful women whom I've made friends with in the past 6 years.

It does take a village.  I'm thankful for all of you.

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Heather said...


I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I meet and watch some of the young moms in AJ's grade try to find their way with friendships. I am amazed at how natural my mommy friendships feel now. How now 6 years later against all my natural instincts I am now HAPPILY connected to so many people. And how grateful I am to be able to role model such fabulous friendships with such a strong and diverse group of women to my children.


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