Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

All in 6 years the blink of an eye, my handsome trio of boys on Easter Sunday went from looking like this:

To this:

This Easter was a bit different as we were celebrating Easter morning alone as a family of five.  Usually my parents and/or my Sis are around that weekend.  But with various schedules, it ended up being just us.

Which meant there was no coloring of Easter eggs.  YAY!  I hate this task.  I hate that my boyz are never really interested and tend to wander off about halfway through.  They didn't even ask about it.  So I was off the hook, and Paas can kiss my butt.

There was, however, the annual Hiding of the Easter Baskets (with rhyming clues to find them, a tradition started by my father when my siblings and I were growing up):

And the Easter egg hunt, with the search for the Golden Egg Containing Money!  Except this year, due to the recession, it was only a Silver Egg.  Womp womp womp.

And yet again, Eldest, with his pride on the line and his competitive streak raging, managed to find the Silver Egg containing $20.  Except he ONLY looked for the Silver Egg, bypassing all the others.  At which point Middle cried foul, for he had found many many more eggs than his brothers and HEY NO FAIR.

Next year?  The finder of the MOST Easter eggs automatically wins the Golden (or Silver) Egg.  New rule.

And then it was off to church, the first time we've attended in years awhile.  Hubby and I are realizing that this is an important family tradition we want to implement around the neverending sports schedules.

After that was Easter dinner at Hubby's parents' house with his side of the family.  Needless to say, I was unable unwilling to stick to my "clean eating" and scarfed down carbs and dairy like there was no tomorrow.  *burp*  And a few Starburst jellybeans mayyyyyyyy have ended up in mah belly as well.

But I did walk the 4 miles home (all uphill!  I swear!) after that.  Totally out of guilt.

And now it's April.

Which brings us to a month with baseball (Eldest and Middle), lacrosse (Baby), spring break, and our 14 year wedding anniversary.

Time flies.

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