Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston You're My Home

That moment when your eyes open yet you are still in that sweet spot between asleep and awake.

And then, you remember.

And your heart sinks.

That's how I felt this morning.

Yesterday was a rough day, for all of us.

Patriot's Day.  Boston's holiday.  A day of festivity, of celebration, of the Red Sox.  Of the Boston Marathon. 

Schools and businesses are closed, bars and restaurants are open early. 

The marathon route is PACKED for 26.2 miles with cheering spectators.

If you're not there, then you are watching it on tv or your computer.

It's a day that the city absolutely and completely comes together - in harmony; in patriotism; in pride; in celebration.

(Pics from my Sis who was watching from Mile 17 yesterday.)

Watching what happened, the two explosions, over and over and over again on TV all night long, was mind-numbing and heartwrenching.

The boyz, still so innocent, were content to play outside the remainder of the day, and watch a movie at night.  I kept their exposure to a minimum, but they know.

Hearing  radio coverage on my way to work this morning between a Boston station and our sister NY station, with the NY radio DJ asserting that today, New Yorkers are wearing Red Sox hats...made me tear up.
I just don't really have any words right now.

But I cherish this image I snapped as I walked out the door for work.  The TV was off and it was just the 3 of them, together.

I choose to hope.


Catherine @ Evolving Mommy said...

Hope, love, and compassion will win, Sara. Thinking of you, friend, and all of Boston and runners everywhere.

amanda said...

so so so much love and hope to you and your beloved boston....

Erin said...

Hi Sarah! I have read your blog for years from CA and in 2010 when my husband came to run Boston you and I corresponded via e-mail and you gave me some suggestions for our trip. I thought of your family yesterday and my heart went out to you and all Bostonians. I love your city and abhor what happened there yesterday. I choose to hope too, and believe that good will win out! P. S. I'm wearing my Red Sox shirt today too! :)

Amy said...

We love Boston - we were back last spring - and were heartbroken at what happened. It's too awful for words.

Angella said...

Big hugs, lady.

Marianne said...

Boston is one of my favorite cities in the world, and this tragedy broke my heart. I am so sorry for Boston, but I too choose hope. Because then, whoever did this, can never, ever win.


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