Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Advil (PM)

Scene:  All 5 of us in the family truckster.

Destination:  To visit friends about 40 minutes away.

Dilemma:  Just as we left, literally less than a minute from our house, Hubby realized he had forgotten to bring some Advil (for his neck pain...more on his UPCOMING SURGERY in another post though) (Yes, you read that right, yet another surgery.)

(My) Solution:  Turn the car around and run in the house and grab some Advil, right?  (Which, by the way, was my suggestion.  Keep that in mind as I continue this story, m'kay?)

(Hubby's) Decided Upon Solution:  To just keep driving and stop at the convenient store down the road from our house to pick up said Advil (and slushies for the kids).

Fine, whatever.

Once the necessary provisions were obtained, we were on our way.  I opened the mini box of Advil that contained 2 packages of 2 caplets each and handed him all 4 of them to take. 

We arrived at our friends' house.

So all the kids were outdoors, Mary and I were catching up in her kitchen, and our husbands were in the living room watching sports.  Soon though, Hubby came wandering into the kitchen, looking kinda weird.

"I feel really funny.  Was that Advil you gave me?"

"Ummm, yes dear.  You were the one who bought it and handed it to me.  I just opened it."

"Do you still have the package?"

So I rummaged through my purse for the package and pulled it out:

The Kicker:  Seems NEITHER of us noticed that what he was, in fact, ingesting happened to be ADVIL PM.  You know, the NIGHTTIME SLEEP-AID?

And why didn't we notice?


So, uh, yeah.

He took FOUR of these.  The warning label on the packaging indicates not to take more than TWO in 24 hours, and to not take any unless you are able to get 8 hours sleep.


He definitely was loopy.  Slurring and pretty much unable to form a coherent sentence. 

To make a long story short, to his credit (or stupidity), he powered through it and managed to stay awake for the entirety of our visit.

And was asleep before any of the boyz in the car on the way home.

And slept in a coma-like stupor for about 9 hours.

And still felt groggy the next morning.

Once I knew that he was fine, I began to get mad.

Mad at him for buying the wrong Advil.

Mad at myself for not noticing.

And mad at the store for selling it that way.

After a return visit to the convenient store, I found out that they don't even price the items - that they get the items shipped to them with the prices already on them.

So I've written a letter to headquarters with the above picture attached.  I certainly wouldn't want this mistake to happen to anyone else because it could have been seriously dangerous.

Read your labels.  Lesson learned (the hard (and kinda funny) way).


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Um, that is pretty dang bad. And hilarious, but also bad!

Carolyn said...

That could have been really bad if you had been starting out on a longer road trip. I think if the company doesn't respond this could open them up to lawsuits. Glad you all figured it out!


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