Friday, February 22, 2013


Safe to say, I was definitely bummed after my 40th birthday weekend, what with the 2 FEET OF SNOW and all...

Yet, I wasn't fully convinced that my cancelled surprise party (that I knew about) was really and truly cancelled.  I had a feeling that Hubby and my pals were trying to pull a fast one on me.

So this past Saturday, 2 of my girlfriends and I had plans to spend the night in Boston with my friend's college roommate.  I wondered if that was a ruse for my rescheduled "surprise" party. 

All day I wondered.

All day I wondered as my husband and my brother Mike (who had come into town with my nephew...hmmmmm....) sat around, pretending to drink lots of beer (Hubby actually only drank two).

I wondered as I saw my brother's dress shirt hanging in the closet.  Why would he bring a dress shirt?  (He later made a comment about how he had packed alllll wrong for this trip and didn't bring comfy clothes.)

All day I wondered as I got ready to go into Boston, getting dressed and packing my overnight bag.  Was I REALLY going to Boston?

I wondered as Laurie picked me up, all dressed fancy, with her overnight bag in her car.  (Her overnight bag was actually just stuffed with socks and underwear!)

I wondered as we got to Kristin's house, and sat and had a drink.  She too was dressed all nice with an overnight bag.

Ok then, I guess we really were going to Boston!

When Laurie's husband called to tell her that he had "accidentally" left his wallet in her car, I was unfazed.  She pretended to be reaming him out, complaining that now we had to drive all the way back to his friend's house to give him his wallet back.

And off we went, the 3 of us, to drop of a wallet and to head into Boston.


 Cake by Sweet Maddie Lee

The "Boston overnight" co-conspirators

 My parents and brother

 Hubby's parents, brother, and sister-in-law 
 There was dancing...

There was drinking...

But most of all, there was FRIENDSHIP:


I was so honored that my husband and friends went through such trouble to plan this sweet event for me.  I loved every.single.minute of my party and didn't want the night to end.


And oh, best adult party idea EVER?!

 Fill a pinata with nips!

I can only hope that this coming year brings even more love, friendship solidarity, willpower and laughter.

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Shell said...

Looks like a blast! Happy birthday! xo


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