Monday, February 11, 2013

40th Birthday Blizzard

So, I guess I'll never forget my 40th birthday.  Only it was memorable in not a way that I would particularly choose, that's for sure.

My birthday morning started with Hubby apologizing.  He hadn't gotten me anything because that wine tasting we were supposed to go to on Saturday?  Was really my Surprise 40th Birthday Party which I kind of sort of suspected. The venue had cancelled.  So sorry.

We got dumped with over 2 feet of snow. Instead of using my vacation day to gallivant about town shopping with a friend, I remained housebound with 3 boyz whose school was cancelled.

I wallowed a bit that day.  Especially when it became clear that we weren't going ANYWHERE or doing ANYTHING for my birthday, or pretty much the entire weekend.  (There was actually a mandatory driving ban that started on Friday and wasn't lifted until 4pm Saturday!)

But there was cake.

With friends to celebrate eating of said cake, blizzard be damned!

In the end, yes, I was disappointed.  But there was no one to blame but Mother Nature.  Thankfully, we didn't lose power.  Thankfully, our home remained intact and without damage.

And so what, I'm 40 now, right?  Onward and upward!


amanda said...

happy happy birthday long distance friend!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! What a blizzard. We got 24 inches of snow. My friend's birthday who lives near Boston was on Saturday and my other friend on Sunday. My birthday was on Super Bowl Sunday so I kind of felt gipped as well.
So we are celebrating our half birthdays in August at a BEACH!

Angella said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful!

( demand a do-over on your behalf, this coming weekend.)


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