Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

When my hair is long, I want it short.  But when I get it cut short, I want it long.

When my hair is all one length, I want it layered.  But when I get it layered, I dream about having it one length again.

When it's lighter, I want it darker.  But when I color it darker, I wish it was lighter.

Hmmmm...does this sound familiar to you, or am I a whack-job?

So here's what I looked like on New Year's Eve morning:

Notice the lighter, longer, non-layered hairdo.

And then I went to the salon, and came out looking like this:

Notice the darker, shorter, layered hairdo which kinda looks like Sally Fields' brown football helmet hair from Steel Magnolias.

Which is all well and fine, except?  Short hair takes more time to style!  And the bangs?  Not really feeling them.

Plus, you know that salon-styled hair never looks the same once you leave the salon.  So this is what my new 'do looks like most days:

But man, I so wish I had longer, lighter and non-layered hair...



Amy said...

I love it!! It looks great!

Heather said...

I totally thought it looked different this morning, but then I knew you had a cut a few weeks ago so I was thinking that was it. And then I was thinking maybe it was your work at home hair and then that would be awkward if I said I liked your new cut.

Anyway, it's cute. But I totally get what you mean by shorter hair being much harder to manage, especially for those of us (meaning me) who are a little bit lazier about those sort of things.

Shell said...

I love it on you!

I always think about getting mine cut short but I can't bring myself to do it. My hair gets fro-like when it's short.

Mommy-Moo said...

I love the cut, and prefer your styling to the 'professional' way. I appreciate you sharing your pics! While not as long, I am in a similar hair conundrum. I also recall Samantha's words of wisdom: "bangs or Botox". :) Gotta love 40!

Beth said...

I'm getting ready to donate my hair for a 3rd time. And I'm anxious about it being short again; I don't like it short. Reading this makes me question my donation again.

BUT, I'm commited, it's coming off later this month.


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