Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eldest's New Bedroom Reveal

We are doing some renovating in the Trenches.  Specifically, the boyz' bedrooms.  We only have 3 bedrooms upstairs, so Middle and Baby have always shared a room.  And an underwear drawer.  And underwear.  And socks.

Time for some change.

For Eldest's 11th birthday (last October), we promised him that he could move down into the basement guest room, giving Middle and Baby each their own room upstairs with us...

Except with football, and then the holidays, there wasn't really any time to Get Shit Done.

January is the month for Getting Shit Done.

Ok, so because this is me, OF COURSE I don't have a "before" picture of what was once our guest bedroom.

But just imagine.  Double bed.  A vanity.  A low dresser with a mirror.  A taller chest of drawers.  Sage green walls.  Pottery Barn pink and sage quilted bedding.

To this:

 We traded furniture with Hubby's parents, so for the poster bed, Hubby's dad took off the posts and replaced each one with a sports ball - how awesome is this?!

 Just the beginning.  He meticulously moved (and then hung) each and every piece of clothing himself.  Because of course he did.

 Side of the bed

 Messy boy bed.  Duvet cover is the NFL chamois duvet cover from Pottery Barn Teen - it's super soft and comfy.

 Wall opposite the bed.  (Can I just tell you how much I HATE those little Fathead wall stickers?!)

Paint color is Benjamin Moore's Timber Wolf Gray

So alas, we lost a guest bedroom.  But Eldest has a double bed, Middle will have a (new) double bed (it's being delivered January 31st!) and Baby will have bunk beds.  So still plenty o' room for guests.   I even promise to change the bedsheets beforehand!

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

It looks super cute, and I've heard great things about those chamois bedspreads!!

And by super cute I obviously mean SO MANLY.


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