Friday, December 07, 2012

Oh, By the Way, I'm Leaving the Country

"So,  Sarah, what are you doing this weekend?"

"Oh not much.  Just leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow..."

True story.

I realized I had written about it on Facebook, but not here.

[Tangent:  I totally forget sometimes that I'm not necessarily Facebook friends with all my blog readers.  The blogging landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years - so much so that I rarely, if ever, check my stats anymore because they are so open to interpretation.  Comments on blog posts are rare nowadays, so when I do check my statistics, I know you are all still out there.  Faithfully reading this silly little speck on the internet.  So thanks!]

Anyway, all tangents aside, I am really headed to the Netherlands tomorrow evening for a work-related venture!

It's the first time I've left the country since my senior year of college when I spent a term abroad in Australia.  So I've gotten my passport renewed, I've have Euros in my wallet, and I am all set haven't yet packed.

I fly from Boston directly to Amsterdam overnight tomorrow, and will arrive there on Sunday morning, leaving me with a full day of adventure before I report to the office to work Mon-Wed, and then fly home on Thursday, ripe with (travel tales and) jetlag. 



Jules said...

Have fun! Takes Pictures! Come home with stories!
Oh and you should probably work too :)

Jennifer said...

Ok, behind the Marriott closest to the train station in an Italian restaurant, a little small. Eat there. You'll thank me.


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