Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Amsterdam - Day 3 - Tuesday

Greetings from Amsterdam, where you are all still cozy and warm in your beds!  Today definitely feels like I have delayed jet lag (is that a medical condition?), as I feel more wiped out this morning than I have any other day here.

Yesterday, my boss and I rode the Metro to and from the office (like true Dutch commuters)!

At lunch, we walked around the "plaza", the Dutch version of an outdoor shopping center and had sandwiches from a Dutch version of Subway.  Dutch breads are all artisan and made daily - so delicious. And then our Dutch colleague, Erum, introduced us to heaven in my mouth oliebollen.  I'm so having more of that today!

Our evening was spent with our legal colleagues on a tour of the canals throughout the city.  It was a great way to learn about Amsterdam's history and to see buildings and museums that we hadn't yet gotten a chance to see.  And we finished the night with dinner at an amazing restaurant.

I have pictures that I will bombard you with later.  Because who doesn't love to look at someone's travel pictures, right?

Anyway, today is my last full day here, so this is my final post from Amsterdam.  While it has been a great trip both professionally (first and foremost, of course) and personally (I got to travel internationally and explore a new country!), I cannot lie - I am eager to get home to my Trenches to hug and squeeze a certain four someones...

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NotaSupermom said...

I love Amsterdam. I'd love to go as an adult. I went on a school when I was in high school.
I'd like to spend more time in the museums.


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